Fisker EMotion Unveils Its Secrets


Many of you must remember that Fisker Karma which had a complicated story with blurred future. Unfortunately, this story has come to an end. It’s ending far from being bright and happy. This model had high expectations offering luxurious saloon of the first class which of electric-powered type. The sales of this vehicle were planned even before Tesla Model S release. As you already know, Fisker Karma is still having hard times.

Fisker Takes a New Ply

Nevertheless, the man responsible for all this fussing does not give up. Henrik Fisker is not going to stop even after a relative failure. He is up to a new project now. Which one? He has started up a new company introduce to the market of electric vehicles. You might have heard about it. The new child by Fisker is known as Fisker Inc. One of the flagships of this company is a model which has already gained some attention among car critics. This is Emotion model which has something in store for you.

Fisker EMotion Specifications

If you are interested in particular figures, here they are. The new car is capable of developing the top speed of 161 MPH. Its mile range is relatively high and amounts up to 400 miles. However, this is not the reason to feel excited. Many experts at this sphere predict that you cannot develop either of these at the same time which means that you can drive as fast as 161 MPH or reach 400 miles of range. Fisker Inc. does not give any details on its engine, though. There are rumors which have not been disapproved yet that upcoming EMotion will run on electric powerplant only. It seems ambitious and there are many questions on this aspect.

Fisker EMotion Exterior

As for esthetics, a new model by Fisker is much more attractive than previous Karma. Its front end looks smooth and stylish. This part of the car is also made to improve its aerodynamics. Some of the pictures of EMotion show that this car will inherit doors Tesla Model X doors. If you remember, these doors were shaped like a falcon wing and looked really amazing. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that new auto by Fisker will resemble butterfly like doors. The same ones are used by McLaren P1. Which option will Fisker choose? Time will show.

Fisker EMotion Interior

Even though the new electric car looks quite compact, Fisker does promise luxurious and spacious saloon. In comparison to its competitors EMotion will more legroom as well. Thus, it is going to rival against full-size luxury sedans. It is also said that the model will use a lot of screens inside which provide useful and entertaining features.
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