Ford Fusion 2005, 2007, 2009 reviews


Choosing a car in the modern world is not easy. Especially considering second hand vehicles. When you buy a car, you’re frequently asking your mates and friends or people already owing a car model you want to buy. In this article we will try to summarize owners’ reviews on the 3 different Ford Fusion models.

2005 Ford Fusion reviews

The first generation Ford Fusion for U. S. market features 2.3L Duratec 4-cylinder engine and 3.0L Duratec V6. The first engine was available with 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. The V6 car had 6-speed automatic. 3 trim levels were available: S, SE and SEL.

2005 ford fusion

Consumer reviews

The most of Ford Fusion 2005-2006 owners admit that the car has subtle handling on the high speeds driving on the highways; the alarm system is extremely sensitive; 5-speed automatic hasn’t low regimes, so it is difficult to drive in mountain roads. Interior trim materials are also questionable.

As for pros, customers claimed that the car is roomy, really affordable and has expensive options, such as heated seats. The performance of the car is sufficient for the most of owners.

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2007 Ford Fusion reviews

In 2007 the all-wheel drive V6 car became available. Satellite radio added to option list for SE and SEL trims. 2007 Ford Fusion also has front seat side airbags and anti-theft alarm as an option. Audio input auxiliary and DVD-based navigation systems are also became available.

2007 ford fusion interior

Owners’ reviews

Customers admit that 2007 Ford Fusion has more equipment in the standard list than Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, great handling for AWD cars, and good fuel efficiency for 4-cylinder engine cars. One of the drawbacks is limited field of view on the rear window. In addition to this, some owners recommend to choose more advance trimmed SE or SEL model.

2009 Ford Fusion reviews

2009 model year was the last one for first generation Ford Fusion. 2009 Ford Fusion had only minor upgrades – electronic stability control system was added and a new appearance package. In the late 2009 2010 model Ford Fusion was appeared featured updated appearance and the new engine and transmission line-up. The Hybrid version was also introduced.

2009 ford fusion

People love the second generation Ford Fusion primarily for the great amount of power for really affordable price. Customers are also admitting that Fusion has perfect handling because it’s sharing Mazda platform. As for cons, owners claimed that the car is making wide turns and in some cases the fuel efficiency is not spectacular (second generation V6 models).

2009 2010 ford fusion


The overall reviews from both customers and car magazines about the first generation Ford Fusion is very positive, so you might undoubtedly choose the car. Remember two basics: condition and mileage is very important and price difference between trim levels for second hand car is not such pronounced.
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