Ford Fusion vs Ford Taurus Comparison


People are frequently asking what car is the best to choose. Sometimes it is difficult to take a decision even if you go to one dealership, for instance Ford. The matter of size is questionable – is it better to buy full size Taurus or mid size Fusion? Maybe compact Focus is enough? Let’s find out what is the difference between Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus and try to ask all these questions.

Ford Fusion vs Ford Taurus Design

The current generation Ford Taurus is debuted in 2010, and facelifted in 2013, owing some design lines (especially grille design) from new Fords. The overall design of Taurus is much more discreet, no wonder that it is used in Police and other forces. The interior design is also more discreet and American in style. Flat console with visors reminding previous generation Ford Mustang interior. Upholstery materials is a bit hard, but good looking. Ford Fusion has better trimmed interior, but not as impressive looking.

design comparison of two different sized sedans

Both cars are similar, but Taurus looks more overweight

Taurus vs Fusion Engines and drivetrains

Unlike the Ford Fusion which primarily use low capacity turbocharged engines, Ford Taurus is available with bigger and powerful engines – 2.0L turbocharged EcoBoost producing 240 hp (Top engine for Ford Fusion), 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 Cyclone engine with the output of 288 hp and twin turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with massive 365 hp. All engine variant aggregated with 6-speed automatic transmission.
Despite being so powerful, Ford Taurus is front wheel drive car with optional four wheel drive system.

interior of different sedans

Taurus interior is a bit old-fashioned

Fusion vs Taurus Trim levels

Ford Taurus is available in 4 trim levels. The basic one called SE, equipped with 3.5L V6 engine, keyless entry, 4.2 inch multimedia system. The second trim level called SEL adding satellite radio, park assistant system, dual zone climate control and anti-theft alarm. Third trim level called Limited feature touch screen multimedia, engine start button, leather power seats with heating and cooling functions. Top trim is called SHO. It is sporty trim, with twin turbo V6 engine as a standard, retuned sport suspension and without chrome decoration.

side views comparison of two different sedans

Taurus has high window sill line

Pricing and Fuel Efficiency

Ford Taurus SE starting at $27,055. For this money you might buy better equipped Ford Fusion, but with the less powerful, but more economic engine. SEL is available from $29,485, Limited starting at $34,405 and SHO is $40,220. Pricing is incomparable with Ford Fusion.

2015 Ford Taurus pricing: starting at $27,055

It is naïve to think that more powerful and heavier car might be more fuel efficient. Well, basic car with V6 rated 19 mpg in city and 29 in highway. With the engine also installed in Fusion, 2-liter EcoBoost rated 22 mpg in city and 32 in highway. Twin turbo V6 car has only 17 mpg in city and 25 mpg in highway.

rear ends of two different sedans compared

Completely different rear ends


Actually, both cars refer to different league, full size sedans are bigger, roomier and more expensive. However many critics admit that Ford Taurus lack interior space and has many other drawbacks, it is underpowered, too heavy and Honda Accord, referred to mid size class is much more thought-out. So, you might logically consider that Ford Fusion is a way better choice for family use – it is no less roomy, has more fuel efficient engines and just looks great.
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