Ford Investing Money In Michigan Plant For Future Bronco Production


One of the most discussed news about Ford is connected with $1.2-billion sum spent on a Michigan plant. A good share of this money (which is $850 million) is purposed for Michigan Assembly plant in Wayne. Donald Trump has already proved it all tweeting that car manufacturers are making a comeback to America.

What is Ford Going to Invest In?

The company will give around 130 jobs. Romeo engine plant needs them as well as $150 million to start producing components for the upcoming Ranger and Bronco. Plus, the company is planning to build another data center which requires $200 million.

All of these plans are much supported by a strong partner of Ford which is UAW. In addition the car maker is well connected with all types of governments including federal, state, county and local authorities. According to the president of the company, their friendship with UAW started two years ago. During this period media rumors about Ranger and Bronco production at Michigan Assembly have been spread. Now it’s more than rumors, it’s official promises.

Why would Ford come to America? The company is much related the 12th District of Michigan. As a result the car maker can’t but build its top vehicles in U.S. helping American workers as well. Introduction of the data center at Flat Rock will give more opportunities to people interested in desk-work.

Consequences of Ford’s Policy

If it’s possible to predict something, there’s likelihood that new generation of Ranger and Bronco will arrive instead of Ford Focus and C-Max. It is bound to happen if the company will really start producing small cars in Mexico.

American version of Ranger is said to be redesigned significantly. New production of Ranger as well as Bronco will make the company more influencial on the North American market of SUVs.

$850 million which the car manufacturer will spend is $150 million more compared to what was going to be spent initially. It’s said that all the transformations will start next May. Even though the new engines for the Ranger and Bronco are in progress, it’s not revealed where these units are being built.

The interest of the authorities in Ford’s plans is obvious. The company’s investments will improve the economics and provide more jobs.
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