Model T Ford – The Legend Of American People


Ford Model T is more than an automobile for American people. This model has shaped the mentality because this is the car which influenced the way Americans lived. Many of you also know this name, Tin Lizzie. It refers to this vehicle as well What made this auto so popular was its price. Model T was not expensive. So, people of the middle class could afford it. 15 million models were produced in Detroit only.

Ford Model T History

Production of this line began in 1908. It all ended in 1927. Ford Motor Company was responsible for this brand car. Not only was the vehicle low priced but also durable and easy to maintain. These key factors were crucial for the popularity of the car. Success was so high that the company lowered the price from $850 to $300. Owing to its wide use Model T has become the symbol of American people. Thus, Ford has achieved his goal. He has always wanted to democratize the automobile.

Model T Engine

In fact, the low price of the car was determined by the engine which was efficient and far from being sophisticated. It included four cylinders which were placed at a single block. The head of a cylinder was easy to detach. Thus, there were no problems with access to repair the engine. The productivity of this powerplant was rather moderate, though. You could develop up to 20 horsepower when driving this car. Its speed was around 45 miles per hour. A hand crank was required to start this engine in most models. Later on, some of the autos were updated with starters which were powered by a battery. The transmission included two forward gears. One reverse gear was onboard as well. They could be controlled through foot pedals. You could find a 10-gallon fuel tank under the driver’s seat.

Model T vs. Ford Focus

Even though Ford Model T was a mass-produce auto it has not lived up to our days. There are many competitors which can beat this vehicle. Let’s see how far has Ford made a leap forward in terms of its cars. We will compare classical Tin Lizzie with an average Ford Focus.

What is important for any car? Safety features. It is obvious that model T was not equipped with any modern safety features. While modern Ford Focus has dual-stage air bags, belt reminder, child safety door locks. The whole list is rather long. Model T was dangerous, to be honest especially before the introduction of the electric starter.

Ford Focus like many other cars offers three-foot pedals if equipped with manual transmission. They are responsible for gas, brake as well as the clutch. The famous model had all three pedals. They were responsible for brake, for putting the car in reverse as well as for shift.

T-Model had around 15 miles per gallon. In fact, this is much lower than latest Ford Focus. T-Model was equipped with a fuel tank which could hold 9 gallons of gasoline. For Focus fuel tank capacity is 12.4 gallons.
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