Future Multimedia System from VW Will Control Security


A car can fly. A car can drive itself. A car can use water to run. Such phantasies which start to penetrate into our daily reality are nice but how practical are they. Do you really need to fly in your car? Do you really want it to be self-reliable? These things are fun but what is the use of them.

Volkswagen changes this situation. Their new multimedia system is going to give an opportunity to control your home security while driving. This is not a myth. This is a reality now. What are the details? You are about to learn it.

future vw multimedia system concept

To be precise Volkswagen will enable you to have all the devices which are connected by the means of your vehicle. To reach this goal the German automaker has made collaboration with LG from Korea. This has been officially claimed by both companies. They are going to unite an auto and home by the means of a system which will be cloud based. Thus Volkswagen is going to be updated with infotainment system of the next generation. As it is promised Korean company will provide VW autos with opportunities to control home audio system, lighting, and temperature as well.

Smartphone support

What is more, such collaboration is going to result in establishing a special centre as it is promised. This centre will be responsible for delivering messages to drivers while they are on the way. The idea is to monitor where a vehicle is and bring different changes in as well as all types of recommendations. All the data will be based on the auto location as far as you can understand. However, the way of delivering such messages is still under work. The main aspect is safety. The process of receiving them should not distract a driver from driving. Otherwise, use of such system will be hazardous.

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Presentation prototype of the home controlling system has been integrated into the concept known as BUDD-e. It has been shown during recent CES. Those who tried it could already receive messages and test so-called Ring video doorbell. This technology is so successful that some other automakers have already declared that they are going to cooperate with LG. For instance, BMW already uses some ideas of home controlling by means of Samsung SmartThing ecosystem. Even though this system is not as rich and convenient as its Volkswagen brother, you can still try it.

The approach of VW and LG is rather interesting but the aspect of being necessary is still under a question. Such system will be of interest. However, how useful is it to control your home music and lightning when driving?

vw future multimedia system

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