Genesis Car Brand


Genesis cars series has been firmly overwhelming the segment of luxury sedans for quite a long time. Some drivers find this brand as a new promising approach to cars for well-off people while others criticize it severely. So what is Genesis brand in details?

Genesis Car Maker

The vehicle is produced by Genesis Motors. This is one of the divisions which belongs to Hyundai Motor Company. The division is responsible for luxurious segment only and specializes in providing highly comfortable cars. Genesis brand was designed as a part of Hyundai mass production but the policy of the company has changed and now Genesis is a standalone brand. The announcement about Genesis being a marque was made in 2015. The division has Manfred Fitzgerald as a vice president.

He has known for collaboration with Lamborghini as design director The division has an experienced team of professionals who improve the brand. Thus, its design director is no other than Donckerwolke who has been working with Volkswagen, Lamborghini, and Audi teams as well. One of native Hyundai professionals who works on Genesis brand name is Peter Schreyer. He is known as the company’s chief designer. The person in charge of performance, as well as tuning, is Albert Biermann. He used to be responsible for BMW M.

Genesis History

The first concepts of Genesis were revealed in 2007. Its purpose was to represent a new vehicle which is a new vision of today’s RWD sedans of sports class. However, the very idea of this concept was born back in 2003 and it has taken a long way for the car to take its final design. The result was worthwhile since Genesis body is a matter of pride for developers. The whole program price was $500 million. The sum was spent in 23 months which were enough to develop and implement all the basic ideas. Crash tests have shown good results while ratability testing was as long as 800,000 miles which prove that Genesis is a car made with safety principles.

The first display of Hyundai Genesis was during North American International Auto Show, 2008. There were three key aspects leading to Genesis turning into standalone marque. These are:
• Seven years of success in luxury segment;
• High rank of Genesis in this segment;
• High demand among customers.
It was autumn of 2015 when first Genesis 90 was released in Korea. The model became the flagship of the brand.

Genesis Future

Today’s goal of the company is to rebrand initial Hyundai Genesis. This model is expected as Genesis 80. It is interesting that market will see sports coupe along with SUV variant. Such approach makes it possible to provide enough space for six passengers. The naming of the vehicles will consist of letters and figures like G70, G80 etc. The first sales of the new production will hit Korean, Chinese and Middle Eastern market. U.S., Europe, and Asia will see these models later.
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