Why Genesis G90 Is A Good Value for Money


Hyundai still continues to put a lot of efforts to develop its luxury segment. Thus, the automaker has finally released more information about the flagship of this line. Not only is new Hyundai Genesis G90 ready to present its specs and technical feature but pricing as well.

At first sight, the model may seem to be a bit expensive however it is far from being true. Even with an insignificant price rise, Genesis G90 is still a good value for many. Here is why.


To begin with, the base model starts from $69,050. This sum offers you the V6 engine of twin-turbocharged type. The output of this power plant is up to 365 horsepower. If you want more power, you can choose the model with V8 engine. This one provides you with 420 horsepower. This variant is going to cost you as much as $70,650. AWD comes as an option and you will have to pay $2,500 extra to have it installed. Compared to the upcoming Equus this sum may sound high enough. In fact, Equus will cost you somewhat around $62,450. So, Genesis price is closer to Lexus LS which can be found as much as $72,520.

Luxury Inside

Nevertheless, you are not going to spend your money for anything when obtaining Hyundai leading luxury brand. The standard equipment offered is wide with numerous opportunities and features. This is the point at which Hyundai is better than its competitors and this is what makes the auto worth of money invested. Let’s look at Lexus LS which has relatively the same price. It will cost you about $4,000 more than Genesis but it will not get you the same features. To get them in the case with Lexus, you need to pay a lot of extras. For instance, Genesis offers you seats which are heated and ventilated, 7.1 sound system of surround stereotype along with sophisticated braking system. These features are all standard. When buying Lexus you will pay over $80,000 to get the same things.

Not to mention the engine provided with Hyundai. This powerful unit will be worth of every cent spent. Some of you may think about Cadillac CT6 when talking about the economy because this model costs around $54,490 but represents the same segment of cars. However, you will get a four-cylinder engine with a power which is significantly less in comparison to Genesis. Even though CT6 is also rear drive, opting for AWD will cost more compared to Hyundai. The set of features offered in this case is also poorer with higher pricing.

Thus, Genesis 90 is a perfect way to buy a highly equipped car for a reasonable pricing while other models will make you spend more on proper equipment and features.

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