Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Made Drivers Break Their Necks


The generation of the 90s must remember that Cadillac from Ghostbusters. They used it to move along NY streets and bust all types of ghosts. Not only did this car appear in the most popular movie about Ghostbusters but in a number of other episodes too.

Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Car History

To begin with, this vehicle was named as Ecto-1. Even though it has been seriously modified, the auto was based on 1959 Cadillac. Its chassis was used in this production. The vehicle itself was a combination of ambulance and hearse features. It was Dr. Ray Stantz who discovered this auto for the first time. Being good at mechanics he has managed to repair the auto and upgraded it with a number of interesting features. Shortly after, the car became a well-known symbol of Ghostbusters. It goes without saying that this car was spacious enough because it had to transport Proton Packs, Ecto Goggles, P.K.E. Meters, and all kinds of traps to bust ghosts.

Ecto-1 went through hard times when Ghostbusters stopped their activity. The model was all steaming and breaking down. It was used for birthday parties mainly. However, the vehicle, returned in a new shape after Scoleri Brothers have been caught. It was called Ecto-1a which evolved into Ecto-1b later on. Whenever this car appeared in cartoon or video game series it always had a new gun added.

Ghostbusters Car Modifications

Speaking of repairs made to the car, there was a number of them. To begin with, suspension work needed to be improved as well as brakes and shocks. In addition, brakes, steering box, and lining underwent a number of updates. The transmission itself was designed individually to fit Ghostbusters needs.

The rear end of the car was significantly widened. The engine of the classical 1959 Cadillac was tuned to provide more speed. Later on, the engine was upgraded with turbocharged technologies. The body itself was made more reliable to reduce damage from collisions. The effectiveness of proton canon has been constantly upgraded. One of the last improvements was the installation of megawatt proton cannon.

Ghostbusters Car Facts

Initially, filmmakers were going to use 1975 Cadillac as an Ecto-1 basis. The model would cost them $600 only. However, by the time the script had been finished, the price rose up to $4,800.
In the beginning of script writing, the car was black. However, when it came to filming the color was changed to sinister looking white. The reason was that one of the scenes had to be shot at night which would make the car difficult to see on the screen.

Original Ecto-1 had a number of supernatural powers. For example, the car could dissolve and become invisible. It was useful to slip away from police pursuits.
Ecto-1 was used to promote Ghostbuster in real life. They drove it in special costumes over NY streets. The car was so striking that other drivers were losing control when spotting it on the road.
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