GM Patents Two-Stage Turbo Technology


The development of technologies is something that can simply be called awesome. We live in the era when cars are going to drive itself and some of them even plan to lift off the ground. One of the most useful and meaningful achievements already existing is the introduction of a turbocharger.

The way it has made from its early days is long enough to say that this is a technological wonder. Nevertheless, engineering would come to decay, if there were no attempts to improve things which already exist. Performance is the main aspect which is constantly in the process of improvement and this is the case with turbochargers as well.

gm patents two stage turbo
The news swirl around General Motors this time. According to their official claims, the company is trying to decrease negative aspects which a turbocharger of two-stage type. Their new designed has already being patented and is ready to offer higher opportunities.

More Details

It is said that the technology was patented in the end of spring 2016. The new design is presented as bypass system which makes it possible for an engine, which is a unit with the total number of four cylinders, to balance inlets of low pressure and high pressure so they can perform their functions respectively. The new approach allows a typical two-stage turbocharger to use its turbines to work simultaneously when the engine speed is at low or mid-level. When the level of engine speed is higher turbine of low pressure operates only. This technology has no ability to isolate particularly low or high-pressure side. It results in performance of low end.

two stage turbo gm patent
It depends on the load as well as the speed of engine how ECU reacts. It can have an effect on the actuator which is a single spindle which rotates equipped with discs that correspond with flanges on sides of high and low pressure. Thus, the actuator can isolate one of the turbines. Such isolation of turbines gives respective inlets an opportunity to achieve the most efficient performance of fluid dynamics. The overall performance is promised to be improved as well by the means of this technology while lag level will be increased.

gm patents two stage turbocharger
Nevertheless, General Motors still do not reveal the most intriguing secret. Which auto is going to boast about this novelty first? It stays officially unknown so far. However, we can suppose that this technology will be aimed at autos of premium class initially. While the rest of the cars will be equipped with it later on which is a move rather reasonable for General Motors company.
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