GMC Might Build Wrangler Rival


Hardly can we say that Jeep’s rise is anything less than stratospheric one. One of the top carmakers simply cannot cause any jealousy among its competitors. Nevertheless, GM is not going to surrender that easily. Their most successful truck focused brand is a potential invader into SUV market which can beat existing Jeep records. No doubt it refers to GMC. Recent rumors say that GMC plans are to create a competitor for Jeep Wrangler. It is going to be new off-road SUV type.

However, what triggered so many rumors around GMC plans? It was a poll made by the brand which asked dealers whether such an auto could sell well. The answer stays unknown since no one in the company will reveal its plans.

gmc might build wrangler rival

Small and Pretty

Nonetheless, we know that GM’s idea is to focus on an SUV of a mid-size. It is going to be based on chassis used by GMC Canyon as well as Chevrolet Colorado and Canyon pickup trucks. There is a likelihood that new model will inherit their powertrains as well. Use of inline 4 V6 type of engine with turbodiesel opportunities sounds reasonable enough. Such approach will make potential model driving a big fun. To be honest there not that many details on this project since it is in the initial stage of production only. So we expect it to arrive not earlier than 2020. Nevertheless, the building of this vehicle is going to be an important move for GM taking into consideration that the company is currently selling restyled Chevrolet crossovers, SUVs as well as trucks.

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Taking into account financial aspect GMC is bound to benefit a lot from Wrangler’s potential rival. It is supposed that the company market share may rocket from three to five percent. And it is possible enough since GMC have shown fairly good results in surviving through the bankruptcy already. By the way, it was made possible due to the ability to analyze what GMC customers are ready to pay for. So it made a big profit for the brand.

gmc plan to release wrangler rival
In the meantime, Ford is rumored to get back to their body on frame Bronco too. It means that Wrangler is going to have hard times competing with strong players on the market in the near future. However, Toyota and Suzuki have already tried to beat Jeep, so how far is it possible for GMC? It still does not matter how much GMC new auto will shatter Jeep’s positions since it is definitely going to be a new round of the brand evolution. So if all the predictions and ideas crystalize into something concrete, we will be here to let you know.
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