Google Autonomous Car And Its Future


Google sees driverless cars as a future of the auto world. Its Google X division is responsible for testing and production of autonomous cars. The first self-driving car which has won $2 million prize from U.S. is known as Stanley. It is interesting that such cars by Google are legal.

Four states have already legislated them. Among them are Nevada, Florida, Michigan and California. Today’s goal of Google is to produce an auto which operates without steering wheel or pedals.

Driverless Car Technology by Google

Not only does the company produce its own vehicles, it also uses popular brands. They include Toyota, Audi as well as Lexus. Lexus has already been spotted in some incidents which were not serious fortunately. The model used is RX450h. It costs Google $150,000 to equip the model with all the technologies required. For instance, LIDAR system price only is $70,000. It has a laser system which helps to analyse the environment and build up 3D maps.

The system called Velodyn includes 64 beams and is mounted on top of the car. After the environment is scanned, the onboard computer compares this data with existing world maps. Such technology makes it possible for a car to drive itself. The technology used is getting updates constantly. Thus, the car learns how to analyse the world around it with very high definition. Such vehicles are even learning how to read traffic lights.

Making from Scratch

As mentioned above Google does not purely uses ready-made production. The company creates its own vehicles which are designed from ground up to operate as fully autonomous vehicles. This is a compact friendly looking auto which does not need a human driver at all. Even though such a car is not used for mass production, it goes through numerous tests. Google also tries to understand how ready community is for using vehicles like this.

The car has already visited streets of California, Texas, Washington as well as Arizona. The company started developing this dream back in 1939 but it was still a concept. Things change in 2000 when Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency launched a program connected with self-driving vehicles. It was 2009 when Google could start bringing this idea to life.

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Google’s Driverless Car In Future

Today Google continues to test its car. There are a lot of obstacles which prevent it from being released for mass production. The vehicle which does not need human control still has a lot learn. For example, it needs to see difference between serious and insignificant obstacles. The auto needs to understand whether it should stop at

The auto needs to understand whether it should stop at pedestrian crossing or not. Not to mention ethical issues when an accident is inevitable. Many of the tests still point out flaws of such a vehicle. Nevertheless, the company feels optimistic about handling these problems. Google is determined to create a fully autonomous car in the near future which will have no steering wheel and no pedals.
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