Hennessy Performance plans to set new speed record


Do you think the most famous creations of Hennessey Performance tuning company – is a 1000-HP Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac Escalade? No, it’s not. The most grandiose creation of the Texas Hennessy rightfully considered as Hennessy Venom GT hypercar in all its modifications. While the world is this monstrous hypercar Bugatti and Koenigsegg can not feel safe. To date, this beast, created on the basis of the British mid-engine coupe Lotus Exige, is widely regarded as the fastest car in the world.

hennessy venom gt spyder

In 2014, the Venom GT coupe shocked the world a top speed of 270.4 miles per hour (435.31 km/h), which hypercar developed while driving at 3.2 mile (5.18 kilometer) runway for the Space Shuttle in the territory of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. At the end of last year, extreme masters of Hennessey Performance has shown even more ferocious version of windswept Venom GT Spyder. V8 with displacement of 7.0 liters with two turbochargers working on E85 biofuel, with increased charging pressure, so that now in the arsenal of monster is 1451 hp – 207 hp more than before. According to the company, the acceleration of 2742-pound coupe to 60 miles / h fit in 2.4 seconds, 4.4 seconds later after the start of the speedometer goes to 100 mph, and a 12.8 with Venom GT Spyder comes to 200 mph. Finally, and most importantly, its maximum speed exceeds 270 mph!

What we remember the parameters of this colossal vehicle? Very simple: Hennessey Performance have announced a new speed record, and soon all the details will be revealed about the achievement of Hennessy Venom GT Spyder. Place your bets, gentlemen! 273 or 276 mph? We will be interested to monitor developments around the new achievements of the American hypercar. As they say, stay tuned!

The newest Bugatti Chiron in the standard version is not meant to beat Hennessey. Manufacturer limited hypercar top speed with 1500 hp engine at “only” 420 km/h (261 mph).

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