Hershey Auto Show 2016 Dates


If you are keen on vintage cars, there is a special event which will be perfect for you. The show know as Hershey Auto Show has been attracting owners and lovers of vintage cars for years. Not only can you show your auto there but also find new parts for your vehicle as well as friends. What are you going to see this year? The list of entertainments is rather wide.

Hershey Auto Show History

It all began in 1955. AACA headquarters scheduled Hershey Stadium as a place for the first exhibition of cars. When the show became popular, swap meet vendors were invited in 1958. They were asked to pay fees for registration. They had to do it when reaching enough sales. This was the year when the first 1914 Ford Chuck Wagon was sold. Its price was as much as $500. Buses were used to take visitors to the Show which turned out to be a good idea.

In sixities the Hershey Auto Show reached its first record. 891 vehicles were exhibited at the Show. It was the biggeset gathering of antique cars ever. When seventies came, the Auto Show has already been very popular. The flea market started to expand there which has attracted even more visitors. Today Hershey Auto Show is known globally and it still gathers a lot of professionals of the vintage cars world as well enthusiasts.

Hershey Swap Meet 2016

Swap Meet is a kind of flea market where people can buy and sell parts for the vintage cars. It has already become an inalienable part of the main show. This year visitors will have to pay for attending the event. Thus, parking will cost you $15 per day. Camper parking is going to be as much as $50. As for Meet vendors, all of them should be National AACA members in order to prove that their parts and things are of appropriate quality. You will be able to find such rare things there as parts for antique Porsche, exclusive signs, 1922 Harley-Davidson details and even more.

Hershey Swap Meet 2016 Dates

If you have not visited this event, do not worry. The first Swap Meets were held in the first week of this October. Nevertheless, the schedule says that you can also visit 2016 Swap Meet on November 12th. It all start at 8:30 am, so you have enough time to prepare yourself well.

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