2017 Honda Fit: Honda assure readiness of the compact MPV


Honda have recently stated that the new 2017 Fit (the compact MPV, also known as the Jazz in Europe), will be released shortly, using a more modern platform which makes it a little shorter overall.

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2017 Honda Fit release date

The compact MPV is to be built in Mexico, and sold worldwide, for which it has been designed. It recently was debuted at the Detroit auto show, and although there is no official release date, it is expected to go on sale mid to late 2016.

Release date: summer 2016

2017 Honda Fit video review

2017 Honda Fit price

The price of the new model should remain static, meaning prices start at $15,750

2017 Honda Fit interior

The updated interior of the Fit is spacious and well-appointed, although the luggage carrying area has lost a bit of volume. While it may be difficult to see many changes inside, particularly in the dash area, the little Honda is packed with technology; multifunction media system with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port.

It is also worth noting that smartphone connectivity is easy and can be used for navigation, although of course it doesn’t have to be a smart phone; any android device will work.

Overall, the style (interior and exterior) of the Fit is unmistakably Honda; the interior is very similar to that of the Accord and the Civic.

The little Honda seems to be more of a hatchback rather than MPV, but the MPV market is more demanding and popular.

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2017 Honda Fit redesign

With a large windshield and small hood, the visibility at the front is excellent, the whole front end has had some restyling, including new fog lights, aerodynamic styling, new headlights and a restyled front grille in the shape of aircraft wings.

Although the roof-line is low, perhaps a little too low at the rear, entrance to the vehicle is easy thanks to the large doors. The rear tailgate is also pretty sizeable, giving a practical feel to the vehicle.

2017 Honda Fit engine

Under the hood, a new 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine gives up to 130 BHP, driving either a manual transmission or CVT.

2017 Honda Fit pictures

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New compact hatchback from Honda is not likely to surprise us, it will keep all features from previous generation car. It is fuel efficient and affordable car for city driving.

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