2017 Honda Crosstour is expected to be discontinued


The company Honda decided to get rid of the five-meter liftback Crosstour. This step will allow to increase production of SUV Honda CR-V and Acura RDX at the factory in East liberty, Ohio.

2017 Honda Crosstour release date

Last update will be released in mid-2016, but unlikely to fundamentally change the situation with the model.

Release date: mid 2016

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2017 Honda Crosstour design

Another touring car the Honda experiment is declared a failure. So, in 2013 we saw off in the last journey of crossover coupe ZDX by Acura – “Japanese BMW X6”, and now the history of off-road liftback Honda Crosstour. American Honda motor division has confirmed that 2017 will be the last model year for the eccentric of this 5-door.

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2017 Honda Crosstour price

Changes in the pricing policy of the manufacturer is not expected. The price of new car will start with $27,500.

2017 Honda Crosstour concept plans

In the beginning of 2015 turned out to be even more challenging for the brand. For example, in March, sales of the brand in our country decreased by 90%.

Model Honda crosstour will be discontinued. At least in the foreseeable future. Until 2017 Assembly outlandish “hatchcrossover” at the Honda plant in Ohio will be stopped. Released power plant in East Liberty will build marketable updated crossover CR-V and Acura RDX, and from 2017 — and even production of the model Acura MDX.

2017 Honda Crosstour  sales

Crosstour model (initially, the Accord Crosstour), appearing in 2009, I was able to attract buyers to crossovers, Honda as the manufacturer claims. In 2010 the U.S. sold the Maximum number of Crosstour — 28 851. But then the figures fell and in March of 2015 amounted to 742 units. Let us add that the Honda Crosstour also assembled in China for the local market. About the prospects of this production company nothing is reported yet.

2017 Honda Crosstour video review

2017 Honda Crosstour rival goes down

In early March, Toyota announced that it is ending production of the model Venza at the factory in Kentucky (the only place for him).

“Interclass” Venza is a direct competitor to the Crosstour, a crossover or a all-terrain wagon, also fell short of expectations creators. Last year, the U.S. has sold less than 30 thousand (same as Camry per month on average), whereas in 2009 sold more than 54 thousand copies. And in January 2015 sales barely exceeded two thousand units. Release for the U.S. stopped in June of 2015, and Assembly for other markets will cease in 2017. And it seems that the second generation it will not be.

2017 Honda Crosstour redesign

During the upgrade process the designers responsible for the exterior were not conceptually change the appearance of the car, added only bright stylish elements and remade plastic bodywork of the crossover. Large hatchback from Honda has received a large chrome grille in the form of an inverted trapezoid.

New front bumper charismatic forms with original inserts on the sides mimic the intakes and accommodate fog lamps stylishly accentuated by splashes of strokes. The lower part of the front part traditionally for cars with increased ground clearance made of unpainted plastic.

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The design of the rear part complement the whole new image of the car. Bumper configuration got a strong crossover protection, trunks mufflers beautifully inscribed in the plate-diffuser. When the surviving proportions with a long bonnet, sloping roof, a rising line of glasses and large monumental stern updated the 2017 Honda Crosstour with a minimal change began to look more and more impressive.

Gloss the exterior of the car adds new design alloy wheels 17-18 radius with tires 225/ 65 R17 and 225/ 60 R18.

Overall dimensions remain the same and amount to 4999 mm in length, 1900 mm wide, 1560 mm high, at 2797 mm wheel base and 205 mm ground clearance.

The car can be ordered and buy a few color samples in the color of body: White Diamond (white), Blueish Silver (blue gray), Opal Sage (opal color), Alabaster Silver (light grey), Polished Metal ( dark grey), New Red (red), Crystal Black (black), Kona Coffee Metallic (brown coffee) and Mountain Air Metallic.

2017 Honda Crosstour interior

Updated salon of 2017 Honda Crosstour meets the driver and four passengers with improved trim materials. Sit down in a chic, convenient and comfortable driver’s seat with electric adjustment and memory liqueurs. In front of the driver there is a new multifunction steering wheel rim in leather, stylish gauges with blue LED light, new center console with two color screens. The first is responsible for navigation, displays the picture from rear view camera and the image from the camera located in the right-hand outside mirror; dual-zone climate control. Second available with advanced audio system (CD MP3 Bluetooth USB iPOD, 6-disc changer, subwoofer, 6 speakers and 380 watts). The passenger seat is also powered. In the front row atmosphere of an exotic car, a lot of places, the ergonomics are excellent.

In the second row seat is formed under two passengers, no problem you could fit a third. Headroom and legroom pleasantly impressive, there are air conditioning vents. Trunk with five crew members are able to post 457 litres of cargo than the entire length of 1415 mm. In addition the ability to fold the rear seats, thus the length of the cargo area increases to 1918 mm and volume up to 757 litres.

2017 Honda Crosstour pictures

  • Crystal Smith

    I had this car in 2010 model and absolutely LOVED it!!! Unfortunately, it has now been totaled. As far as spacious, it has sooo much room and is a very nice car. All the features are great and it drove like a top of the line car. I’m disgusted that they are being discontinued after 2017, but plan to get me a new one in the upcoming year.

  • Tom B.

    I have a 2010 EXL AWD w/ nav. Took it off road on jeep trails. Hauled very large boxes and stacks of 2x4s. Love the 8″ ground clearance and 18″ wheels.. Very comfortable and fully supporting leather seats for long trips. Practically drives itself. Great on my steep snowy driveway. We are seniors 75+. Great senior car. It was panned by the blogs when I bought it and yet people come up to me in parking lots everywhere telling me how beautiful it is. My mobility limited wife and friends have no trouble getting in front and back seats while they have trouble getting into the back seat and even front seats of Volvo and Toyota. Drive up to the Symphony in style. —- Can’t believe the marketing people of Honda screwed this up so badly that it is being discontinued. I wanted my next car to be the same, but it seems this one may last forever. Just yesterday a couple of guys at the golf course walked across the lot and complimented me on the car. When i said it was 6 years old, they couldn’t believe it……Sad!

    • Camaro Limousines

      I have the 2012 EX-L version of the Crosstour and couldn’t believe they were discontinuing it either. I get the same comments as you. But look what I found its in China…

      New Honda Crosstour 2017, video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GpdGIolg4U

      • G Evans

        Love my 2013!!! Why is China continuing with it and the US isn’t?? I get som many compliments on my car!!

        • Camaro Limousines

          That may be Japan I think Honda is a Japanese car, but I know what you mean. Not sure if they are continuing but it sure looks like a new model to me. Trade shows often have concept cars. I think a better question at this point maybe can we buy a concept car?. Because I would surely but this one. Did you see those headlights?

  • Sandi

    I have the 2014 Honda Crosstour and absolutely love this car. Have no idea why they are no longer making this model. When I wen into the dealership they had to find one for me because they couldn’t keep them on the lot. Once they got one it was sold within days. They should consider making one similar with minor changes. Love all the room at a great price and great Honda expectations.

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Honda Crosstour is a very niche product - combination of sporty station wagon and SUV - might get a new life.

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