What Happened To The 2017 Honda Crosstour?


Honda introduced the Crosstour back in September 2009, it was meant to be a vehicle that opened up the market of the regular (some may even say boring) Sports Utility Vehicles – Honda took a gamble on something a little different and you’d have to say, that gamble didn’t pay-off for the Japanese giant.

At its best, the Crosstour sold 28,851 units in one year, at its worst, just 9,104 – pit those figures against the Honda CR-V (America’s best-selling SUV crossover) and you’ll see that 28,851 units sold means that it tanked … the CR-V sold 357,335 units in 2016, in January 2017 alone, it sold 29,287.

The Crosstour was a disaster.

It’s for this reason that Honda decided to put it out of its misery – the production line came to a halt on August 31st 2015 – the 2016 Honda Crosstour was the last of the breed.

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But… now we are hearing rumors that Honda may just casually slip the Crosstour name on to another vehicle, one that is more conventionally styled and perhaps something that will sell in numbers that Honda are used to.

Before going much further, we should clarify that none of this has been confirmed by Honda; much of what we believe to be true has come from industry insiders and the rumor-mill – but a lot of it makes sense, so we think there just may be something in it.

So here’s what we’ve heard, and why we do or do not think it’s happening…

When Will 2017 Honda Crosstour Be Available and for What Price?


1. Availability and price for 2017 Crosstour
2. Filling that Niche
3. Hybrid or V6?
4. Safety
5. The Interior Design

As regards the pricing and release date… who really knows?

Given that there are some spyshots circulating the internet, we’d expect to see the new Honda Crosstour this year, even if it’s just the debut of it, although our sources say that we can expect it in the showroom for the third-quarter of 2017.

We think the price will be in the region of $26,000 plus destination, but Honda could surprise us and go either way – something more upmarket or something for the younger generation (in other words, cheap!). But higher trims like 2017 Honda Crosstour EX-L V6 MSRP should costs around $40,000.

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Filling that Niche

The vehicle will be a conventional styled SUV, smaller than the CR-V but not quite small enough to be a Compact SUV, from what we have been told, think a cross between the HR-V and the CR-V.
This would make sense – every manufacturer is looking to fill any gap they see, this was the kind of thinking behind the original Crosstour, it just happens that Honda got the design wrong.
We do know that Honda have been testing various new vehicles, some publicly and some in private – there have been some poor quality spyshots from various proving grounds around the world – unfortunately, the quality hasn’t been good enough to establish just what the vehicle or model is.

What Should New Crosstour Have to Succeed?

Better-looking exterior with sharper lines
Reveal date in late 2017 or early 2018
Price decrease to $26,000 for initial trim level
Front-wheel drive layout for standard and SH-AWD system for the rest
2.4 engine is out of date. The optimal choice would be 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The higher trims should come with V6 used in Accord and Pilot.
Top speed around 124 miles per hour.
Sufficient fuel consumption decrease, up to 10%. The modern car should be fuel efficient.

Hybrid or V6?

The last Crosstour had a couple of powertrain choices, we believe that Honda will offer the same again – there will be an inline four-cylinder, probably around 2.5 liter capacity, a V6 which will be in the region of 3.5 liters and a hybrid, using the V6 engine coupled to a single electric motor that drives the front wheels.

It’s thought that Europe will get a diesel version, but America will be gasoline only. The hybrid makes perfect sense – legislation is now in place that aims to get the manufacturers to lower their global emissions, as a brand (or manufacturer), and adding another hybrid vehicle in to the line-up would allow Honda to do just that.


When it comes to safety, the new 2017 Honda Crosstour should be fully-loaded with all the latest tech; pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, rear-view camera, automatic headlamps, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning (maybe with steering assist) and blind-spot monitoring, although we will have to wait and see what Honda offer as standard – we would think that Honda won’t be shy with the standard equipment – they want to give the 2017 Crosstour as much help as possible in the sales department, so expect a good level of equipment as standard.

The Interior Design of the Honda Crosstour 2017

We don’t think that there has ever really been a problem with any of Honda’s interiors; sure, some of them may not have been exciting or interesting, but even the most meagre interiors have always just worked – been functional and done the job that they were designed for.

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However, the Crosstour 2017 will likely be a little more special than just functional – high-quality is the phrase of the day, and while the base model won’t have leather, it will be trimmed with quality materials and have added wooden accents, just to give it that slightly higher-class look.2017 Honda Crosstour interior

An 8” touchscreen infotainment system will be fitted, along with the usual extras like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB ports for the all-important charging of your devices.

We would also expect to see heated seats with powered adjustment (although probably not on the base model), dual-zone climate-control, panoramic roof and plenty of room for storing all of your luggage, even with all the seats occupied.

Do you think that Honda are doing the right thing – using the Crosstour name on another model? Or should they just try and bury any memory of the failed Crosstour?

  • Crystal Smith

    I had this car in 2010 model and absolutely LOVED it!!! Unfortunately, it has now been totaled. As far as spacious, it has sooo much room and is a very nice car. All the features are great and it drove like a top of the line car. I’m disgusted that they are being discontinued after 2017, but plan to get me a new one in the upcoming year.

  • Tom B.

    I have a 2010 EXL AWD w/ nav. Took it off road on jeep trails. Hauled very large boxes and stacks of 2x4s. Love the 8″ ground clearance and 18″ wheels.. Very comfortable and fully supporting leather seats for long trips. Practically drives itself. Great on my steep snowy driveway. We are seniors 75+. Great senior car. It was panned by the blogs when I bought it and yet people come up to me in parking lots everywhere telling me how beautiful it is. My mobility limited wife and friends have no trouble getting in front and back seats while they have trouble getting into the back seat and even front seats of Volvo and Toyota. Drive up to the Symphony in style. —- Can’t believe the marketing people of Honda screwed this up so badly that it is being discontinued. I wanted my next car to be the same, but it seems this one may last forever. Just yesterday a couple of guys at the golf course walked across the lot and complimented me on the car. When i said it was 6 years old, they couldn’t believe it……Sad!

    • Camaro Limousines

      I have the 2012 EX-L version of the Crosstour and couldn’t believe they were discontinuing it either. I get the same comments as you. But look what I found its in China…

      New Honda Crosstour 2017, video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GpdGIolg4U

      • G Evans

        Love my 2013!!! Why is China continuing with it and the US isn’t?? I get som many compliments on my car!!

        • Camaro Limousines

          That may be Japan I think Honda is a Japanese car, but I know what you mean. Not sure if they are continuing but it sure looks like a new model to me. Trade shows often have concept cars. I think a better question at this point maybe can we buy a concept car?. Because I would surely but this one. Did you see those headlights?

  • Sandi

    I have the 2014 Honda Crosstour and absolutely love this car. Have no idea why they are no longer making this model. When I wen into the dealership they had to find one for me because they couldn’t keep them on the lot. Once they got one it was sold within days. They should consider making one similar with minor changes. Love all the room at a great price and great Honda expectations.

  • Larry E

    I have a 2013 Crosstour and i just love it. I wanted a large Sedan with a SUV space. I got it with the Crosstour. I was even thinking of trading mine for a new 2017 model. it feels like a luxury car to me. I am very disappointed that it did not sell. I think the company did not invest in advertising this product. The CR-V and Accord stool the show.

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.4
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.3

Honda Crosstour is a very niche product - combination of sporty station wagon and SUV - might get a new life.

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