Honda Fit vs Nissan Versa


Here is the new comparison article. This time two compact cars from leading Japanese companies will be compared. Honda Fit vs Nissan Versa.

honda fit vs nissan versa design


2015 Honda Fit EX:
1. Muscular Renault R5 Turbo style rear quarters
2. Civic-like front fascia and grille look
3. Sly tapered headlights, trimmed in LEDs
4. Top-tier EX trim tester fitted with optional 17″ diamond cut style alloy wheels. The 1976 Honda Civic boasted increasing wheel diameter from 12″-inches to 13″-inches.
1.5L twin-cam direct injected gas I-4 engine makes a solid horsepower jump; Powertrain sounds thrash only above 3500 rpm; Continuously Variable Transmission locks fast in Sport Mode, without engine getting hung up; Manumatic steering wheel shift paddles endowed with 7 simulated “gear ratios”; sub-9 second 0-60 miles-per-hour is the Hare here ; even a “lead foot” can achieve 31 combined mpg.

honda fit vs nissan versa front

2015 Nissan Versa Note SR:
1. More Nissan and less old Renault Clio to the eye
2. Far less sterile than the price-leading Versa sedan
3. Lower fascia could mirror that from a Nissan Quest maxi-van
4. Trademark boomerang light housings Similar raked windshield and tapered roof ending in a spoiler as on the Fit.
5. Lower rear valance trimmed in faux, but sporty carbon fiber.
6. Bright LEDs bring up the tail.
1.6L twin-cam gas I-4 lacks direct injection, hence the 20% power deficiency to the Fit; Powertrain makes racket above 2200 rpm; Despite a bigger ratio spread, CVT is using U.S Mail Parcel Post to lock ratios; No manumatic shift mode; Near 10 second 0-60 time has all the hustle of a Turtle dragging a lead bar; Obtaining 32 combined mpg demands a “cotton ball foot.”

honda fit vs nissan versa side


Honda Fit 2015 with continuously variable transmission: 19,320$
Nissan Versa: 18,870$

honda fit vs nissan versa price


Nissan Versa
Maximum Cargo Volume (cu. Ft): 38.3
Maximum Passenger Volume (cu. Ft): 94.1
Fuel Capacity: 10.8
Automatic Headlights: Not Available
Fog Lights: Optional
Stereo Anti-Theft: Not Available
Alloys Wheel: Optional
Wheel Dimensions: 15
Tires: All Season Tires (P185/65HR15 BSW)

honda fit vs nissan versa specs

Honda Fit
Maximum Cargo Volume (cu. Ft): 52.7
Maximum Passenger Volume (cu. Ft): 93.83
Fuel Capacity: 10.6
Automatic Headlights: Available
Fog lights: Available
Stereo Anti-Theft: Available
Alloys Wheel: Standard
Wheel Dimensions: 16
Tires: All Season Tires (P185/55HR16 BSW)

honda fit vs nissan versa interior


Honda Fit is better than the Nissan Versa.
When open the hood of the Honda Fit or the Nissan Versa Note and you’ll find similar four-cylinder engine options. However, the Honda Fit manages to deliver superior horsepower and torque.
The Honda Fit rewards drivers with 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. The engine inside the Nissan Versa Note reaches only 109 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque.
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