Honda Fit vs Toyota Yaris Compact Hatchbacks Comapred


Let’s face it, not everyone is crazy about the compact, economical cars that are gaining popularity among a lot of consumers these days. But if you live in an area where heavy traffic is an issue and parking can be a challenge, these affordable little vehicles can really make things a bit easier. They handle better under congestion and can squeeze into areas larger cars just plain can’t. Two of the leaders in this class are the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris. In a highly competitive market, I’ve decided to square them off against one another to perhaps uncover which is the better deal.

Honda Fit vs. Toyota Yaris design

Yaris vs Fit Design Features

In 2015, the Honda Fit recognized the need to freshen up their look and make it more presentable for a new generation of car buyers. Many feel they have successfully achieved this, at least to a greater degree than the Toyota Yaris has done with their latest models. Don’t get me wrong, the Yaris has shown some much needed improvement in their most recent designs, too. The Fit, however, has a slightly better contemporary look and feel when you compare them.

Honda Fit vs. Toyota Yaris

Honda Fit vs Toyota Yaris Engine and Specs

Though both models contain a 1.5 four-cylinder engine, the Honda Fit has a better boost with 130 horsepower compared to the Yaris at 106. Fuel economy is very close at around 28 MPG for the Toyota Yaris, and 30 MPG for the Fit. Each vehicle is front-wheel drive, but the Yaris has a tighter turning radius which improves its ability to get into smaller parking spots. The Honda Fit, however, is substantially longer, no doubt making it more comfortable for the passengers inside. The cargo space will additionally be larger in this vehicle as well. Both have a seating capacity of 5 adults. Let’s give the edge to the Fit in terms of engine and specs.

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Honda Fit vs. Toyota Yaris interiors


Yaris vs Fit Price and Trims

The Toyota Yaris wins this category by just a small margin, with a MSRP of about $14,845. The Honda Fit, on the other hand, starts higher at around $15,650 for their 2015 model. It’s not a big margin of difference, but some people will consider this a very important factor. Others will focus more on what each of these compact cars has to offer, and not so much on the price tag.

Once again using the 2015 edition as a model, the Honda Fit comes in 3 choices of trims. They are:

  • LX;
  • EX;
  • EX-L.

The available trims for the Toyota Yaris 2015 are:

  • L;
  • SE;
  • LE.

You get about an equal amount of variety in this category, call it a draw.

Honda Fit vs Toyota Yaris Conclusion

The Yaris and the Fit each have their good and bad points as can be expected. All things considered, though, I feel that the Honda Fit has a bit extra to offer in performance and style. It has more room inside for comfort plus added cargo space, and the extra horses under the hood also helps to sway my decision. But if you want to cut down on gas consumption without purchasing a hybrid, the Honda Fit or the Toyota Yaris are worth considering. Stay tuned for more upgrades and improvements as theses two subcompact cars move forward.

Honda Fit vs. Toyota Yaris
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