Honda Odyssey Recall 2016


The tendency of recalling cars is still a problem for many manufacturers. Faulty vehicles are still on the roads and it’s good that many of them are tracked down and can be recalled so you don’t need to worry about your safety. The latest case connected with recalls is the situation with Honda company. They have detected a problem with their Odyssey. What’s wrong with this car and what to do? The answers are already in this article.

Honda Odyssey Problem

So what’s wrong with Honda Odyssey? As the latest reports say there’s a problem with outboard seats. There’s a release lever. The liver enables access to the third row. So it may stay in an unlocked position. The same problem occurs with middle seat as well. There’s a horizontal adjuster bar. As far as you understand it may stay in unlocked position as well. So what? A reasonable question for a person unfamiliar with the world of cars and how they function.

The problem is that when the leaver and adjuster bar are in an unlocked position it may result in seats affected moving freely while their true position is staying locked in one place. What harm can it bring to you? In case of an accident or a serious crash such free moving if seats may increase the risk of injuries and you can suffer seriously.

Honda Odyssey Recalled

The number of the cars which have this problem is relatively large. It is 634,000 models which are said to have such an unstable position of seats. The vehicles produced since 2011 to 2016 are said to have it. So the minivans which have dangerous seats are already being called back by Honda. Some of them have problems with third row seats while others may have free moving middle seat. It’s interesting that some of the minivans include both of the problems.

Honda Odyssey Fix

So what is Honda going to do to solve this issue? The carmaker promises to use a different type of bracket and spring for the faulty seats. Middle seats will go through numerous inspections and their sliding function will be tested in a number of ways. Their adjustment bar will be replaced as well to make it sure that it works properly. It goes without saying that all of the fixes made are free and owners of such cars won’t have to pay anything.

How to Have Honda Odyssey Repaired

So what to do to have your car fixed? Honda has already started sending notifications to the owners. If you’re one of those drivers who have such a car you call 888-234-2138. This is the number of the automaker. You can also try calling National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s, just use their 888-327-4236 number. Another way out is to visit which will provide you with all the information necessary.
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