Who give more: Honda patented 11 speed triple clutch transmission


If you think that GM engineers overdid with the number of gears in the new 10-speed automatic transmission, here is the first details of the creation of the Honda. Eleven speeds, three clutches – all details available for the news about Honda patented 11-speed transmission.

Where is the limit of speeds of automatic transmissions of different types? Among the ZF, supplying their units to brands such as BMW and Land Rover, believe that more than nine gears are not required. Ford and General Motors engineers disagree, made a joint effort to create a rapid-fire 10-speed automatic that debuted on the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sports car. But all the developers outdid Honda.

honda patented 11 speed transmission

According to Autoguide publication with reference to the Japanese Patent Office, the company applied for and registered by – 11-step preselective robotized gearbox with three clutches. The creators of the unit make it in order to achieve high smoothness and speed of switching, as well as reducing fuel consumption. Other details about the transmission, and the timing of its appearance are not announced on mass-produced cars.

Note that Honda not the first time they go to such a bold “box” experiments, despite the fact that the company uses a 9-speed automatic ZF. So, Acura TLX sedan uses 8-step preselective robotized transmission with two clutches, a feature of which is the presence of the torque converter.

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