How to change a tire


Most car owners will sooner or later face the problem of replacing the punctured wheel on the road. Technically perfect car – the key to safety on the road and the wheel punched in the movement can lead to unpredictable consequences and even accidents. In order to know how to change a tire on the car, you need to have a sufficient amount of information required. The situations that occur on the road, often unsafe and uncertain. Precise knowledge of how to replace the wheel on the car, can keep you from potential trouble.

how to change tire

Now the road is much cleaner and wheels breakdowns occur rarely, besides a large number of stations are doing a tire replacement of wheel easy. Yet to know how quickly replace the wheel on the road will not be superfluous. Now there is an opportunity to move even on pierced wheel (run flat tire technology)or using special sealing then pumped up the tire a little. But it also happens when service is very far away, and special equipment is not at hand, then you have to put the spare tire on their own, and for this you will need a set of tools and skills.


First, you will need a jack to raise the vehicle to remove and install the wheel. Most cars are equipped with a jack is standard, but if it is not in the vehicle or is of poor quality, it is better to separately buy a good and reliable jack.

how to change tire

You will need lug wrench to unscrew the bolts or screws that hold the drive wheels. It is also necessary to have in the arsenal of tools. It is better if the wheel wrench is good quality, it can be purchased separately.

how to change tire

You will also need a pump, a manometer, a pair of clamps for wheels and gloves.

How to find out a tire needs replacement

If the movement of the car drives to the right or left, it is possible due to the fact that one of the front wheels is punched. Also when you drive a car, and the car starts to skid bottom, it is possible that one of the rear wheels is also punched. In the case where an unusual noise is heard outside the vehicle, it is possible that some tire has a puncture.

If you drive a car quickly and you broke the wheel, the car abruptly throw in the direction of penetration of the wheel. In such a situation it is important to maintain self-control and holding the steering wheel tightly, we must try to align the car. Next you need to slow down and pull over, so as not to create an emergency situation on the road. Do not be amiss to turn on warning lights of the the car.

tire change diy

Tire change DIY

  • Put the car on gear, tighten the parking brake lever (turn lever to “P” if you have a car with automatic gearbox) and set the wheels locks.
  • Using lug wrench unscrew bolts or nuts that hold the car, but only half a turn, a kind of “let go” bolts grip. This is to ensure that when the car is raised with a jack, we can be easily unscrewed.
  • Next, jack lift the other side of the car, which punctured tire.
  • When it will rotate freely, unscrew the wheel bolts and store them in a clean box or on the surface without contamination.
  • Remove punched wheel of the car, remove the spare tire, and put punched in its place. The spare wheel is put into place, guiding him with the help of pins or guides, and fasten the bolts up to the stop.
  • Get car down with a jack and again hold out all the bolts on the replaced wheel with maximum strength.
  • Check the gauge pressure in the tires, if it is below 2 bar, the tire should be pumped up by the pump. You also need to check whether the nipple does not pass the air from the tires, this can splash some water on the tire air injection hole of air, if the water is bubbling, then all is well.
  • Next, remove all tools in the trunk, and you can move on. We hope that with this article, you learned how to change a tire in the car and in the future you will not have problems on the road.
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