How to check car before driving


If you are a new driver, and had no experience with the “iron horse”, then you need to know, and if you have already experienced, it’s just something you need to remember! Imagine that you are going to ride on your car. Before departure always necessary to check and inspect the vehicle. What should this go?

Step to Step Check

  • When you come to a place of parking your car, the first thing to do is to conduct a visual inspection of the body of the car for dents and scratches. This examination is relevant when your car is parking. If you find damage to the body, which was not there when you put the car into the parking lot, you need to show that damage the employee in charge of the protection of the cars on the parking lot, and decide on how to repair damage acquired during the stay. Or contact your insurance company.
  • Check the wheels of your car. The wheels should be evenly inflated and well drawn to the disks. Unwinding nuts are not allowed. Tire inflating produced every 500 kilometers the car.
  • Check tire pressure. Run every morning with a pressure gauge and measure the tire pressure is not necessary, it is enough to check visually. Half-mast wheel will be immediately noticeable.
  • Open the hood of the car. Check the engine oil level. Pull the dipstick oil. The level should be between the “MAX” and “MIN”. If the level is less than required, make a top up the oil through the filler neck in the engine.
  • Check the level of coolant and brake fluid in the expansion tank. The level should be between the “MAX” and “MIN”. In the case of low liquid level to produce their refilling.
    If the car is equipped with an automatic transmission (automatic transmission), it is necessary to check the oil level in a box. Checking just as well as the engine oil level. Note. This test applies to vehicles equipped with serviceable automatic transmission. Some modern cars have unattended automatic transmission, in which case this check is not performed.
  • Clean dirt and dust from all the windows, mirrors and headlights, as well as his state license plates. Dirty and dusty glass, mirrors and lights do not provide you with the necessary visibility, review and road lighting. Dirty plates could be an administrative offense and will be fined for it.
  • Check the marker, dipped and main beam headlights, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and alarm.
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