How To Wisely Choose a Car – New or Used?


Choosing which car to purchase can be a nightmare especially for an amateur at this business. Around fifty carmakers offer hundreds of models. Not only should you be good at their characteristics but also find a reliable dealer. Nevertheless, the devil is not as black as he is painted. We have come up with a guide designed especially for those who are going to get behind the wheel.

Second hand or brand new?

The first step you need to make is to decide which car you need. A new or a used one? New auto gives you a status of the first owner as well opportunity to fit colour, engine specifications and options to your taste. You will also get a warranty from a manufacturer which lasts for a minimum of three years. However, as soon as you buy a car it is new no more. It is used now and it is losing its value. Some autos can lose up to 80% of value in three years. So the fact of depreciation makes it sensible to consider a used car. Moreover, many of such autos are almost as good as new ones and you can save a good deal of money as well. If you buy a second-hand car which is not that old you can expect to get a warranty. Be sure to check what it covers.

how to choose a car

Engine type

Another aspect to consider is what kind of fuel you will use. Petrol or diesel? Some cars offer only diesel engines while others give you an opportunity to choose. Hybrids are getting more popular so it can be a good way out especially for those who need to do a lot of towing. There is a kind of rule. If you do not cover more than 12,000 miles a year, the petrol engine is your friend. Diesel models are more expensive and you will have to cover far beyond 12,000 miles to enjoy savings. Think about how far you are going to drive. Short trips are no work for diesel engine since this one needs regular burn off of scoot which blocks Diesel Particulate Filter.

how to choose a car wisely

Body type

Think about which body style you like. Try to understand what size and shape suit your lifestyle. If you like classical hatchback like Volkswagen Golf, do you really need as much space as it offers? Maybe it is more reasonable to purchase a smaller car which is a bit less priced? Be sure to consider brands. Many of cars which are less luxurious offer the same opportunities at a lower price. What is essential for you? If you are a family guy, a spacious SUV is your best bet because it gives a lot of space for children and luggage.

car choosing by body type

Financial aspect

Think about the method of payment. In many cases cash is not a leader and purchasing an auto on finance can give you a good discount. However, you should be careful and bear in mind running costs.
All in all, purchasing an auto looks complicated enough but it is still possible if you think over every step of yours. Try to understand what the purpose of buying a car is and how you will integrate it into your everyday life. It would be a good idea to make a list of cars you set an eye to and test-drive them to make sure that you will not be disappointed.
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