How to Jump a Car Battery – Best Tips


Did battery die? Don’t panic. You still have a chance to bring your car back to life. You can do it in u number of ways. Some of them are simple enough. Today we’ll give a few tips on how to push start a car.

How to Jump a Car without Cables

Got no cables to jump start your vehicle? Not a problem. Try this:
Step 1.
First, roll your car. Top of a hill is the best variant. Rolling down a hill is bad idea. How to do it? First, take hand-brake off and release foot-break. Next thing to do is pushing your clutch down.
Step 2.
Try starting your car. To be sure that it works, the speed of your auto should be about 5 MPH. Clutch down, key in the ignition turned, on you go.
What if it doesn’t work?
You need to roll your vehicle again. However, you turn the key in the ignition at the same time as releasing clutch into gear. In addition, accelerator should be depressed into gear. If you put your auto into second gear, it’s good because this process requires a lot of gas.

How to Jump a Car Battery with Cables

Well, it’s not that difficult in fact. All you need is a vehicle with charged battery. Be sure to think about your safety when doing it.
Step 1.
Both of the vehicles should be parked “face to face”. 20 inches between them is enough. Don’t forget to turn them off.
Step 2.
Place jumper cables on the ground so that clamps are at a distance from each other.
Step 3.
Find batteries and their terminals under the hood. They’re usually of red or black color. Attach red clamp to the terminal of the uncharged battery. Then attach the black clamp to a functioning terminal.
Step 4.
Start the vehicle which is charged. Wait a few minutes. Now it’s time to start the uncharged auto.
What if it doesn’t work?
Try charging the battery a bit longer. Don’t forget to disconnect cables when you’re done.

How to Jump Start a Car without another Car

Car dead but no one to help around? Try some of these tips, they may help.
Step 1.
Bring over battery starter charger. Find red and black terminals on it.
Step 2.
You need to clamp them to the uncharged car battery in a vertical way.
Step 3.
Plug an extension line from any building into AC.
Step 4.
Start from 10 amp and wait a minute or two. Proceed to 50 amp and jump start your vehicle.
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