How to remove vinyl sticker from car


If you question “how to remove stickers from the car” appeared in front of you before you tried to do it – congratulations! At least you’ll save yourself time and a body (or glass)of your car will not be affected. But if you need to remove remnants of removed stickers, this article will be also useful.

How to remove the vinyl sticker from the car

It’s hard, but possible. Firstly, a little about the technology of vinyl stickers. All stickers are sold (except for magnetic and temporary) are designed for single use and have a special glue that can hold tenaciously to the label on the smooth surfaces for several years. That is why you inflicted sticker is not washed off the tap while washing and does not fall off in the cold. The downside – removing car stickers also not so easy – after 3 years adhesive polymerizes, and the film gives shrinkage and is often covered with cracks invisible to eye, due to which when you attempt to scrub the sticker from the car, it comes off in small pieces, and the difficulty is also in the fact that pry the edge of the film and cling to it without the blade is unrealistic (that the blade or knife stationery is easy to scratch the body of the car, we talked at the beginning of the article).

how to remove sticker

The only way to quickly and easily remove the old label – get hairdryer to heat, the film becomes plastic and you could unstick it in one piece, or in any case much easier than without heating. The adhesive layer of the film, remaining after removal of the stickers you need to wipe the solvent, preferably an alcohol – it is completely safe for the paint of the car.

Note! If you have a dark car, the sticker was stuck long time ago, after the removal of the label in its place will read sticker contour – as manifested protective functions of any sticker: car paint around the sticker was burned and wasn’t under it. There are two options possible: to buy a sticker on the car in the same place, or leave everything as it is – after a while unburned spot will be equal to the rest of the car paint in shade.
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