How to replace headlight lamp


As a general rule, bulbs in the headlights of the car burn and you have to change it with regularity every 1.5-2 years. In modern cars lamp replacement is easy even if you are doesn’t have any mechanical skills. Today we will try to replace the lamps in the headlights of the car without any special tools.


First, a few words about the light bulbs. For headlamps halogen lamps are used. When you work with them you have to be extremely cautious. Under no circumstances do not touch the glass bulb with bare hands. During operation the lamp becomes very hot and fingerprints or oil you have left in lamp will quickly brake the lamp. If you accidentally touch the bulb glass, be sure to wipe the bulb with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol. Also protect the lamp from scratches because they can also cause lamp failure.

headlight lamp replacement

To begin with open the hood of the car. Lamp replacement can be made with or without the removal of headlight. Lamp itself is easily removed: it is necessary to ease the mounting bolts and remove the headlight from the car body. Then you need to disconnect the power plug into the back of the headlight. Be sure the car battery is unplugged!

The lamp itself is protected from moisture and dirt with special cover. It must be removed. To do this please turn it counterclockwise. If it doesn’t want to open, it is possible to gently pry it by the screwdriver.

headlight lamp replacement

Now the hardest thing: you have to unfasten the clasp metal latch that holds the bulb in the headlight hole. It is quite tough. It is necessary to press the end of the zipper – lock and push it up. Then carefully pull out the bulb from the lamp socket. Advice from experienced: before you pull out the spoiled bulb be sure to remember (or better write down) the location of the contacts on the base.

Step to step guide

A new lamp should be inserted so that the contacts on the plinth stood should be exactly the same! Carefully, trying not to touch the glass bulb with your fingers, inserted the lamp into the socket, and then into the hole in the headlamp. After that the clasp snaps, aligning it with the notch on the lamp. Install the lamp cover, turning it clockwise, attach the power connector. If you removed the headlight from the bumper, set it in place and fix the headlamp, tighten the mounting bolts.

headlight lamp replacement

After installing the lamps do not forget to check the lights working. Advice from experienced at the choice of lamps for headlights of your car is the following: the best fit for the headlights lamp is 4H 60/55 socket. You could choose the manufacturer according to your taste. Some packages has inscription “+30%” or “+50%». These bulbs can also be used. But in this case you have to replace both bulbs at once to the left and right headlights, as there is a risk that a new light will be more intensive. And, as a rule, the resource of such lamps is slightly smaller than the standard, and therefore they will burn faster.

headlight lamp replacement
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