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A car that runs on water is a part of the futuristic movie no more. Such vehicles have already taken place in today’s auto world. Nevertheless, some people think that fuel cell car is a car that runs on water – it is incorrect. The technologies used for this wonder may seem complicated at first sight. So, let’s take a deeper insight on this topic to make things clear.

Hydrogen Cars

To begin with, vehicles of such type run on hydrogen. They use it as a fuel to provide motive power. Just like any other automobile these cars are equipped with space rockets which are fueled by hydrogen. There two ways in which energy of hydrogen cars is converted. One of them is connected with internal combustion engine. Another one combines hydrogen with oxygen. This process takes place inside of a fuel cell. Electric motors are often equipped with such technologies. Such approach is better than a typical way of powering cars. Hydrogen production deals with methane in most cases. It is good because production like this includes renewable resources. However, this process is rather priced. Many companies try to make the cost less by using the plants which include water electrolysis. Some technologies attempt to convert air into hydrogen.

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What Is a Fuel Cell?

An indispensable part of such production is the fuel cell. Cells like these convert fuel into electrical energy. It is made possible to complicated chemical reactions. The advantage of fuel cell cars is that their technologies can produce electricity for as long as possible on condition that there is a constant source of energy. It can be air, for instance. The first organization which started using these technologies was NASA. Satellites were often equipped with them. They are used for backing up the building. Not only do fuel cells power automobiles they also provide energy for boats and submarines. Fuel cells have many variants but the majority of them consists of the anode, electrolyte, and cathode. Nevertheless, fuel cells are expensive as well. Their production requires platinum. One of the cars using such technologies is Toyota Mirai. Its price is going to be around $70,000.

Critics against Hydrogen Cars

There is an opinion that cars which run on water are short lived and they are unlikely to be popular. According to critics using hydrogen technologies is dangerous enough. They believe that use of hydrogen will stimulate global warming. There is even a documentary which disapproves hydrogen technologies. Its name is Who Killed the Electric Car? Some officials say that hydrogen cars have no opportunities to lower greenhouse effect while their production is extremely expensive. Thus, people who are against such technologies believe that hydrogen cars are nothing more than a waste of money.

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