Massive Recall of Accent and Sonata Revealed By Hyundai


In the US begins a recall of several hundred thousand 2011-2012 model years Hyundai Accent and Sonata. They will have a major repair, which may even include replacement of the engine.

The American division of Hyundai announced the start of service campaign against 470,000 units of the Sonata, and 100 000 units of Accent, issued in 2011 and 2012. As they say in the notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety US cars suffer from two different defects, the more serious of them involves major repairs or even replacement of the engine.

Sonata Problems

Audits found that in the previous Sonata sedans, (the sixth generation) of more than a year Theta family engines of 2.0 and 2.4 liters were installed with factory defect. According to the manufacturer, metal parts swarf was not completely removed from the space around the crankshaft, which could lead to poor flow of oil to the bearings of rods and, consequently, overheating and damage to the engine and its failure.

hyundai sonata

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A press release from Hyundai stresses that it is solely about the engines assembled at the plant in Alabama, and not later than April 2012, when the procedure of mechanical cleaning of the engine has been replaced by washing with water under pressure.

As for Hyundai Accent, it is suffered from another issue, and have to replace the rear brake lights, which does not always work.

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