Hyundai Elantra vs Toyota Corolla Comparison


This is going to be an interesting comparison of two cars that have uniquely different backgrounds.One has been a best-seller in the compact sedan market since the 1990’s, as consumers are drawn to the Corolla’s affordable price and dependable, fuel-efficient performance even to this day. It’s always been the kind of car you’d feel good about having your children head off to college in, or even for the average person’s daily commutes. The other has been around for a long time, but the Elantra didn’t emerge as a leading market competitor until it totally redesigned this model back in 2011. Today it might be difficult to decide which one is a better choice when shopping for a vehicle in this class. But among their many similarities are some notable differences, as I will now try to demonstrate.

Hyundai Elantra vs Toyota Corolla Design

Since its radical transformation, the Hyundai Elantra has really made a statement with its smooth style and distinctive design. It has currently reached a level of sophistication previously unattained in older editions, as both the outer structure and the interior areas of the car appeal to a much larger consumer base. Toyota, however, has responded to this challenge like a true leader, and the Corolla has been given a complete upgrade in style both inside and out. The new look of the most recent models is both cutting-edge and innovative. Its interior is roomy and comfortable, with a nice variety of features to enjoy as well. I would, however, have to give this category to the Hyundai Elantra by just a little bit, because the manufacturer has managed to make this inexpensive little car distinctly stand out from the rest of the crowd!

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Elantra vs Corolla Engine and Specs

As you would imagine, the Corolla and Elantra are very similar in size. The corolla, however, has a little more room for the legs in back due to its longer length. The Elantra stands at 4 feet 8.3 inches high, and is 14 feet 11.1 inches long. Width is measured at 5 feet 9.9 inches. On the other hand, the Corolla is 4 feet 9.3 inches high with an impressive length measurement of 15 feet and 2.6 inches. Like the Elantra, its width is 5 feet 9.9 inches. Both are front-wheel drive with 1.8 liter engines providing excellent fuel economy.  The Hyundai gets 27 miles per gallon in the city compared to the Toyota’s 28, but both get around 37 MPG on the highway. Also of note, the Elantra has an edge on horsepower producing around 148 HP compared to the Corolla’s 132 HP.


Corolla vs Elantra Trims and Price

The available trims on a 2015 Hyundai Elantra with MSRP are:

● SE $17,250
● Value Edition $19,700
● Sport $20,250
● Limited $21,700

Trims and MSRP for the 2015 Toyota Corolla are:

● L $16,950- $17,550
● LE $18,565
● LE ECO $18,965
● S $19,195


You really can’t go wrong by purchasing the Hyundai Elantra or the Toyota Corolla. The price is right, and both manufacturers have packed a whole lot of value into these top-selling models. The Corolla, however, has directed most of its attention to the steady and reliable performance of their vehicle while Hyundai put a little more emphasis on the look and style of the Elantra. It comes down to a matter of personal preference when choosing between the two, and it should be fun to see what the future holds for these evolving vehicles.
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