Hyundai Ioniq Electric Scooter


At the recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, Hyundai the auto manufacturer had a whole host of toys to play with, but perhaps the most popular item in their showcase was the Ioniq Electric Scooter (forget about self-driving cars – this looked GREAT).

Hyundai say that it’s for the first and last mile of commuting; an age old problem for auto manufacturers – sure, you can strap yourself in to a self-driving car, navigate the busy streets while catching up on work or just drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but what happens when the car can go no further?

A walk to the office or workplace can often take just as long as the drive in. That’s that ‘last mile’ problem.
So what is the Ioniq?

It’s a small, extremely lightweight fold up electric scooter.

Sounds basic right?

The beauty of the Ioniq Electric Scooter is just about everything else that concerns it; once folded, it doesn’t rattle around in the trunk, taking up extra space, but rather stows in the door panel of the Hyundai Electric Car, not only does it stow away there, but it charges while stowed, meaning that it’s always ready for use. A really neat solution.

But it get’s better; Partially constructed from carbon fiber, meaning lightweight (and hey, yea, it looks cool also), it has a digital dashboard that tells you how much battery life you have, your speed and the range left, front and rear lighting and simple to use controls – just one thumb switch – push it up to go forward, push it down to slow you speed (although it does have a secondary braking system fitted – exactly as you’d find on a kid’s scooter – a pad over the rear wheel).

Hyundai haven’t officially released any information regarding the Ioniq scooter, we don’t know it’s price, availability or even if Hyundai will actually make it; there has been no production approval yet.
What we do know is that judging by the fuss it’s causing on the internet, it will be really well received – it seems that everybody wants one.

We’d love to see Hyundai putting this into production, but even more so if they’re going to make it available to those that don’t want to purchase the Ioniq electric car.

What do you think of the new Ioniq Scooter? Love it? Loathe it? Let us know.
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