Is Hyundai Santa Fe a safe choice for your family?


Hyundai Santa Fe has proved itself to be a safe car. Why proved? Because it has been literally tested by such European and American organizations as EuroNCAP and IIHS. According to them 2017 Santa Fe is a safe choice for your family.

American Results

As IIHS has concluded 2017 Santa Fe is good at every aspect tested. There’re four grades which a vehicle can get according to them. The best grade is “G” which stands for Good.

When the car was tested at the “Small Overlap Front” it didn’t cause any doubts that Santa Fe deserve G grade. The same can be said about the following categories which are “Moderate Overlap Front”, “Side Roof Strength” and “Head Restraints & Seats”. All of the aspects tested were not a matter of complaint.

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When the vehicle’s headlights were tested, they also didn’t show poor results and were graded with G. One of the brightest aspects is “Front Crash Prevention”. It was rated as Superior by IIHS. However, you’ll have to install optional equipment to get such a high level of security.

The poorest aspect of 2017 Santa Fe according to IIHS is “Child Seat Anchors”. The vehicle was graded with A for them which means “Acceptable”.

European Results

When tested by EuroNCAP Hyundai Santa Fe received positive ratings too. The European organization gave this vehicle 96% out of 100% which is a decent number.

They tested the car for an adult occupant taking into account such aspects as “Frontal Offset Deformable Barrier”, “Whiplash Rear Impact” and “Lateral Impact”. In this case Sante Fe scored 96% out of 100%.

When a child occupant is considered the vehicle is also safe enough. It has beaten 89% out of 100%. The car has gone through such “obstacles” on the way to safety estimation as “Crash Test Performance”, “Safety Features” and “CRS Installation Check”.

Pedestrians are also taken into account during such tests. From this point of view, the car has shown a bit poorer results which are still acceptable. It was given 71% out of 100%. Safety assist testing resulted in higher results. Santa Fe was given 86% in this case.

All in all, Santa Fe is the vehicle which is safe to drive. Even though it has a few weak points, they’re still at the acceptable level which doesn’t endanger your life. Even though the European organization tested a shorter version of the vehicle, it showed almost flawless results.
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