Jaguar i-Pace Concept Revealed With Specs


Jaguar is going to expand its production. The carmaker has decided to try itself in the segment of electric cars. According to the company, they’re going to release a model which can compete with Tesla X. You can expect this new electric vehicle to arrive in 2018.

Jaguar I-Pace Specs

This electric SUV is going to be titled as I-Pace so it’s not a surprise to know that its technologies will be based on Jaguar F-Pace. The model is spacious enough to give a comfortable ride to five passengers. The company itself describes the car as a dramatic and futuristic vehicle. After its debut at the LA Auto Show, the car has updated its design with some of the new features. It’s promised that production of the vehicle will start in 2017. It’s promised that final version of the car will be able to travel 310 miles when fully charged. Its acceleration is estimated as much as 0-62 in about four seconds.

Jaguar I-Pace Battery

Jaguar company says that their concept is a new generation of electric vehicles because it combines original Jaguar technologies along with electric approach and dramatic design. It makes this car elegant, luxurious and environmentally friendly as well. As for battery used, it’s placed at the base of the auto. It improves driving dynamics owing to low center of gravity. It’s promised that this battery needs to be charged once a week only. Two hours are enough to fully charge it.

Jaguar I-Pace Interior

Jaguar is known for its love for comfort and luxury. So, we can’t expect a poor interior with basic features. Drivers can hope to try something sophisticated. Even though this electric vehicle is an SUV its seats are positioned in a sports style. The model is equipped with a glass roof which provides panoramic views of the sky. You can also try home-from-home user system owing to the introduction of two touchscreens. The materials used are going to be of premium quality. The company also promises a lot of attention to details. All the technical features are made to provide you the best driving experience with limiting distraction.

Jaguar I-Pace Review

The car industry is getting more and more interested in electric cars. So, Jaguar I-pace is going to compete with such names as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen which have already rolled their electric vehicles out. Perhaps, Jaguar is going to focus mainly on top cars segment and price of such vehicle will be high enough for an average driver. Nevertheless, it’s definitely going to be worth of money spent. If so, new electric Jaguar has a great potential to become one of the leaders in the electric market.
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