Jeep Hurricane Concept Will Never Be A Production


Jeep is rarely decisive. Most of their vehicles are traditional and well-balanced decisions which are likely to be accepted well by critics and drivers. So whenever Jeep aims at the market they know how to succeed. Nevertheless, they do act as rebels from time to time and release unexpected concepts. One of them which you all know well is no other than Jeep Hurricane.

Jeep Hurricane Description

This is a custom concept of bespoke type. It was unveiled a long time ago. So you could see it during North American International Auto Show which took place in Detroit. This event happened almost eleven years ago which makes Hurricane a Jeep with a history. It goes without saying that such an extraordinary model was made for off-road experience mainly.

Those who have seen this 2005 concept know that the model has a one-piece body which looks great. Not only does it look great but feels great as well because the car consists of carbon fiber which can be described as a light-weight structural material. Its chassis which can be found in the vehicle are connected by a spine. The spine is made of aluminum and is used as a skid plate.

It’s interesting that Hurricane is provided with a four-wheel steering system. The system itself belongs to Chrysler. They have even patented it. Why is it useful? In fact owing to this system Jeep can move sideways.

Jeep Hurricane Specs

Jeep Hurricane engine includes two HEMI engines. Both of them are equipped with eight cylinders. They also provide you with 5.7 liters. Its power is nothing less than 670 hp along with 740 lb-ft. The engine is paired with 5-speed automatic type of transmission. Its overall curb weight is 3,850 pounds.

Jeep Hurricane Exterior

One of the peculiarities which make this model special is that this Jeep has no side doors. You can’t find a roof either because it doesn’t exist in the case with Hurricane. This car can accommodate two people only even though it looks massive and brutal. Each side of this concept is equipped with bulkheads. So a driver and a passenger can use them to enter the car.

Jeep Hurricane Future

Unfortunately, this vehicle isn’t expected to be produced. Its drivetrain is too complex and too expensive as well.

Even though this model doesn’t look like a typical Jeep it has brought the company a number of victories. For example, it was the winner of IDEA Silver Award, Best of what’s new award, and AutoWeek Editor’s Choice award.
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