Jeep Recalls Renegade Due To Possible Hacking


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalling 7800 Jeep Renegade cars in the US. According to the official statement of the carmaker, a service campaign is closely linked with the previous reviews, which began in July and affected 1.4 million Jeep Cherokees. Both off-road vehicle have faced with the same problem: due to a defect in the software of Uconnect onboard infotainment system hackers were able to remote access to certain functions of the car.

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Hacking Process and Results

This summer two IT-experts of Wired magazine carried out a demonstration a remote computer hacking Jeep Cherokee, take control motor and steering. Immediately after the publication of the material on this FCA announced the first in the history of the automotive industry review of cyber threats and the United States started preparing the relevant legislation.

jeep renegade interior

However, the situation with the new compact Renegade is not so serious. The Fiat Chrysler pay attention that the vulnerability is only present on cars equipped with 6.5-inch touchscreen. Moreover,about a half of 7.8 thousand cars wasn’t sold yet and it makes repair easier for dealers. Those customers who have already bought their Renegade, dealers will give them a flash drive with the required firmware for self-installation.
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