Kawhi Leonard Stays Loyal To His Old Car


It feels like San Antonio Spurs have found another Tim Duncan. Famous basketball player Kawhi Leonard is going to remain in San Antonio Spurs. $94 million contract proves this news. Thus, Kawhi Leonard will stay in this team for five years more. Even though, 24-year-old celebrity of basketball has reached a lot he has not changed his way of life. The forward still has not obtained habits of a typical millionaire.

Kawhi Leonard Car

For example, Kawhi Leonard car collection has nothing to be excited about. It sounds surprising to many fans but he drives the same car he drove in his teenager days. This is rehabbed ’97 Chevy Tahoe. An untypical choice for a star, isn’t it? Kawhi drove this model over Southern California’s Inland Empire when he was a high school student and he has not changed his auto yet. According to Leonard himself he does not need a lot from a car. As he has it is enough for him that his Chevy turns and that it is paid off.

Some of you might have already seen this 4-door pickup of all-wheel-drive type which Leonard drives. Its V8 engine runs on gasoline and uses 5.7 litres of displacement. The forward prefer automatic type of transmission and enjoys his steering of power speed sensitive type. 16-inch wheels are all aluminum wit independent suspension. Leonard’s truck is spacious enough which is good for 6,7 ft high basketball player.

Kawhi Leonard Habits

Despite been almost vintage this car is safe enough. For example, it has 4-wheel anti-lock brakes and all the air bags necessary. Manual safety belts are onboard along with child security rear door locking system. Instrument panel can boast energy absorbing technologies as well as steering column. The car also includes daytime running lights.

Perhaps all these features are not the reason why young celebrity loves his Chevy. Most likely Leonard loves his car and his lifestyle and he is unlikely to change it. Not only does Kawhi Leonard collection surprise but his habits as well. Thus, he still uses coupons to get free chicken wings. Leonard even started to panic when he lost his coupons even though his $94 million contract was already signed.

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