Bike Designed By Keanu Reeves Is KRGT-1 by Arch


Keanu Reeves is known for his superstar celebrity status, appearing in a whole bunch of blockbuster movies, but what you probably don’t know is that Keanu has a real thing for motorcycles; his garage is full of classic Norton’s, Suzuki’s, a Kawasaki KZ900, a 1984 Harley Davidson Shovelhead, 1974 BMW 750… he likes his bikes.

How it’s all started

Back in 2007, he took his Harley to LA County Chop Rods, he wanted a sissy bar fitted, but the owner of the shop, Gard Hollinger, refused, despite the superstar status.

Hollinger and Reeves started talking about bikes, in particular, what Reeves would want from a bike and before he could say “I am the one”, Reeves was agreeing to have a bike built; “a gleaming silver prototype with thick tires and a gas tank curved like the fender of a Bugatti” said Hollinger.

So what of the bike?

It’s a 2,032 cc V-twin, that makes 121 BHP and 115 lb/ft of torque. It’s not scary fast, but it has plenty of pulling power. Weight is relatively light, certainly compared to some other customs, it weighs in at 538 lbs.

Helping to reduce the unsprung weight (a HUGE bonus for handling and acceleration) are a pair of carbon fiber wheels, these are suspended by Ohlins technology; up at the front is a pair of 43 mm fully adjustable inverted forks, while at the rear, we have a remote reservoir Ohlins single shock. It’s no racer, but feels well sorted and handles pretty much everything you need it to.

90 days to build

The ergonomics have been designed by Hollinger & Reeves, with the handlebars, footpegs and seat all being custom fitted for each individual purchaser, and speaking of purchase… the price tag for the Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 superbike is a hefty $78,000 with a $15,000 deposit. Cheaper than some custom made bikes, but it isn’t exactly off the shelf money either, but then with a lead time of around 90 days per bike, it isn’t an off the shelf bike.

Much of the aluminum structure, including the gas tank is made from billet aluminum, meaning that it’s one large block that gets CNC machined into the part. It’s an expensive way of manufacturing parts, but Hollinger is adamant that the benefits far outweigh the cost implications – modifications and redesigns are easily taken care of – they design, draw and machine all these parts inhouse.

We love the look of the Arch KRGT-1, it has a distinctly unique look, backed up by some fine quality hand crafting; $78,000 never looked so good.
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