2015 Model Year Kia Rio Has Slightly Updated


In the main, the front part of such a popular car was modified. Changes have been made to the integrated rectangles of the fog lamps on the front bumper, day lights with LED strips, a radiator grille with a three-dimensional structure and headlights. The rear lights changed their form and content. Firm grille is still adorned in their place, but they were generously chromed and slightly corrected. The direction indicators stayed the same – the side mirrors.

At the rear of the sedan, the design has changed not so much. Only slightly adjusted the bumper, reflectors, were on the diffuser, transferred to the painted part of the car. Also in the top configuration, the rear lights were equipped with LEDs. The car has two additional colors – coffee and saturated blue.

Thanks to all the changes that have turned out in the exterior of the car more than appropriate, the sedan looks stylish and fresh. The use of LED technology and lens optics only added solidity to the sedan. A list of updates touching the exterior of the model is completed with exclusive design wheels. This was the final step, so to speak, a cherry on the cake.

Changes On The Interior

Salon sedan is not overloaded with unnecessary elements. Although he received a small adjustment. True adjustment is dotted, but useful and enjoyable. Here, for example, the car received steering column adjustment, although in earlier versions it was unavailable.

And this is really the right function, which allows you to adjust the driver’s seat to any man’s complexion. The shape of the steering wheel has also changed and become more comfortable. But the buttons and switches are located more accurately. The profile of the front seats was made close to the optimal variant, but with lateral support, it turned out worse.

In the process of changing the new Kia from the attention of designers, the front panel did not escape. Especially the central console has undergone a change, and the remaining devices have retained their configuration, although they have been slightly retouched. Experts reviewed the climate control unit and multimedia system. Using them has become much more convenient. The only thing that did not hurt during the upgrade, so it’s the materials of the finish. They remained the same and even slightly rigid. But there were more positive innovations and all the elements of the alteration are close to ideal, so you can and do not pay attention to such a minus. Although their good quality and do not have to say. And besides, in the development of a new design, experts have provided a reduction in noise levels.

Kia Rio after restyling will appear with the same cargo capabilities as its predecessor. At the initial position of the seats, the luggage compartment of the car will contain up to 500 liters of luggage. The trunk opens either with a key or with a lever that is located near the driver’s seat. And only in the top version of the sedan, there is a button on the lid of the cargo hold.

Two Engines to Choose

After acquaintance with the interior and appearance of the car, it is necessary to get acquainted with its technical characteristics. Although they have not changed much. The line of power units is considered to be the most relevant, so the engineers of the manufacturer left it at the same level. Renewed Rio is offered all with the same two types of gasoline engines: 123 HP output out of 1.6 liters and 107 HP of 1.4 liters.

The motor that works a little less in pairs or with an automatic in 4 speeds, or with a manual 5-speed gearbox. And the engine that is more powerful, is also offered with two types of transmissions – automatic and manual with 6 speed. The new types of transmissions, which are completed top engine power, began to install from last summer. That indicates that since the sale of technical characteristics of the Kia Rio still updated.

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