Kim Kardashian Cars Collection – Rolls, Bentley, SLR


Not only is the family of Kardashians good at show business but at choosing sophisticated autos as well. The range of cars belonging to the family is from Maybachs to Ferraris. Kim is of no exception.


You can often see Kim doing shopping in her sweet looking Bentley Continental GT. This convertible has smooth body and powerful engine making it from 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds. Its top speed is somewhere around 198 MPH.


Kim stays loyal to comfort and luxury brands. Another model on her list is snow white Rolls-Royce Ghost. The TV diva does not feel too posh to visit a gas pump herself. Its long bonnet hides V12 engine which produces up to 563 horsepower along with 575 lb-ft of torque.


Speed and style are other aspects which appeal to Kim. Her Ferrari F430 is a symbol of status and prosperity. This metallic monster proudly rides on massive wheels. The Italian 2 spyder offers V8 engine paired to six speed automatic.

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Kim never hesitates to pose on the bonnet of her polished black Lamborghini Gallardo. It must be a pleasure to do since the vehicle has an outstanding exterior design with pointed nose and massive air intakes. Not to mention its ten cylinder DOHC engine.


Classics on the list. Kim also gives preference to an elegant Mercedes-McLaren SLR. The model is known for its slope shaped design and distinctive front part. This two door coupe is equipped with 5.4 litre V8 engine and unique headlights.

Range Rovers

The Kardashians love this brand. They have Range Rovers and Land Rovers of all possible colours. Kim gives preference to her wild looking red Range Rover which has been totally customized. This SUV makes passerby break their necks whenever this red boxy vehicle is on the road.
Kim can also be seen driving her black Range Rover of the same type.

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Kim feels fine inside of her bright Maserati Coupe. This stylish sports car is one of the strongest units in her fleet. The diva prefers two door roadsters with 4.2 litre V8 engine. She has even been spotted driving it during Bullrun Super Car Rally in New York, 2010.


Kim can also be seen stepping out of her luxurious Maybach when arriving to official ceremonies. Such choice creates atmosphere of luxury and exclusive style around this TV show celebrity. Perhaps she will change her tastes in the near future according to the latest interviews of the star. The time will show only.
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