Kylie Jenner’s New Car Even More Luxurious Than Before


Kylie Jenner is a very lucky girl; she has a great collection of cars, many of which I’m sure we’d all like to own, but even better than that – most of them have been gifted to her!

Let’s just take a few minutes to have a look at some of them.

Kylie Jenner New Car

Her 19th birthday was an ideal time for her boyfriend, the rapper ‘Tyga’, to show just how much he loved her; a $189,000 black Maybach, the second car that he’s brought her. Kylie hasn’t waisted any time in showing it off either; posting pictures and videos of herself with it on Snapchat.

The Maybach S600 is a 2017 model, retailing at $191,300 and features such items as polycarbonate windows to give some protection against bullets! It also has a V12 6.0 liter turbo engine, just in case she doesn’t want to put the glass to the test, a handcrafted cabin and a panoramic sunroof. This really is luxury on wheels.

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Kylie Jenner Cars

Kylie actually owns six cars altogether, including a Range Rover, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Ferrari 458 Convertible and a luxury Land Rover, all of them were gifted to her aside from the Land Rover, she brought that herself. The 458 was another gift from Tyga, who gave it to her for her 18th birthday – just what every girl wants!

The Ghost arrived direct to her door in October 2015, with no mention from where – very ghostly!

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Kylie Jenner Mercedes Cars

It seems as though Kylie has a thing for Mercedes; amongst her collection is the Maybach that Tyga gave her, but she also has the big Mercedes-Benz SUV G-Wagon, which again, was her $125,000 birthday present straight after getting her license at 16, it was her very first car.

Just as you may expect when you give a 16-year-old a huge, powerful SUV, it took just two weeks for her to crash it in to another vehicle, in this case, a Toyota. The ‘Benz came out OK, really not too much damage, the Toyota didn’t fare so well, but no-one was actually hurt in the accident.

Kylie had the car fixed and still drives it today, despite having a luxury choice of other vehicles.

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