LeBron Cars collection incude unique Lambo


LeBron James is known for being open minded which is not always a pleasure to other celebrities. King James does not hesitate to sound offensive but this is not the only thing which makes him famous. Among basketball achievements, he has something to boast about in car world.


When Lou La Vie, Rich B. Caliente and Toys for Boys decided to get together there was a serious reason. LeBron XI and the King James Legacy sneakers, it was the real incentive. As a result, we all could see an exclusively wrapped Lamborghini Aventador. The vehicle is rumored to be around $670,000 which covers sophisticated body style along with 6.5 liter powerplant of V12 type.

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Even though 911 Turbo S is a good one with interesting specifications LeBron has never been really happy about it. The vehicle includes marvelous drive, four pots in the rear part, sexy interior along with 550 horsepower of productivity. Perhaps, the reason for his dissatisfaction is that this car is not good for Cleveland climate.


Another model among LeBron James cars is H2. According to rumors, this auto was the first big purchase when LeBron started coming up. He was often seen driving this monster. The wheels of this model were so chromed that they were almost blinding. However, James has changed his driving habits.


What basketball star loves today is all comfortable and spacious S63 AMG. One of the most comfortable LeBron cars has a really spacious interior which is vital for someone as tall as 6.8 ft. In addition, this auto develops more than 577 horsepower.


This F430 Spider could not but gather a lot of attention. How can you stay away from discussing someone who drives an auto like this? Its hood is of fully electric type. Thus, the engine is always visible. It is the noisiest one among LeBron James cars which means that he had no intention to hide such a beast. The power of the car is around 480 HP.

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LeBron cars also include 57S which were a choice of luxury. Its V12 engine could provide up to 620 horsepower. Its interior was spacious as well providing exclusively high level of comfort.
List of LeBron James cars also consists of Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Camaro, and Impala as well as Dodge Challenger.

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LeBron James Car Accident

So many autos can cause a lot of envy. However, driving for LeBron is not all pleasure. Thus, basketball star got in a serious car accident when driving his Hummer H2. As a result, LeBron broke both of his legs and had to miss the remainder of that season. The reasons for the accidents are not clear. Most rumors say that it was an angry fan who crashed into James intentionally. This situation has even affected his MVP race. Nevertheless, LeBron was rather optimistic at those days saying that his team was strong enough to continue playing without him.

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