Lincoln presented Navigator concept


A few years ago it seemed that the nice premium brand Lincoln is doomed: the sales were frozen at the level of slightly more than 80 000 vehicles a year and really do not want to grow. But in late 2014 Ford announced the investment of five billion dollars over the next five years and a significant upgrade of the brand portfolio. With the introduction of a small MKC SUV sales exceeded 100 000 copies. One of the first Lincolns of new formation was a big sedan Continental on a front-wheel chassis. Now we wait noticeably changed Navigator?

2017 lincoln navigator concept

It seems that the new SUV hides his true duty wording “concept car.” Unlikely to be mistaken assumption that the newcomer – in fact the prototype and production version Navigator will differ from it except the details. By the way, the show car Continental and has not significantly changed. Large Lincoln has gone from a close stylistic kinship with same platform Ford Expedition to the unobtrusive originality with allusions to the previous model. What do we see now? We have the most lightweight Navigator in the history of the model that spans three generations. Chuck in a new corporate style, polished by detailing side and feed, which in certain angles looks suspiciously like… yes, Range Rover! The same slope of the roof, littered desk, disguised with glazing. Rear sidewall section rearlights and stretching only reinforce the association. And yet, and Continental has been criticized for some similarity with the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

You could read the full preview 2017 Lincoln Navigator

2017 lincoln navigator concept rear

However, there are also a lot of unusual strokes. Firstly, on each side of Lincoln there is only one door, but what door it is! Huge sash a-la “gull-wing” go up, opening the viewer the splendor of the interior. And meanwhile thresholds unfold these stairs with three steps! In stock car anything like that, of course, will be replaced by something usual. Secondly, the interior decor is worthy – from such a delightful retro alloy and high-tech combination. Third, the trunk is a real walk-in closet and under the floor probably has a hidden niche for some spy equipment.

2017 lincoln navigator concept interior

The equipment includes a sky cameras and a wide range of active safety assistants. Engine – V6 EcoBoost of 3.5 liters with two turbochargers like in modern Expedition and Navigator, power over 400 hp. What secrets hides off-road vehicle platform and whether they have any? The answer, most likely, we learn in the next year and a half – a car in desperate need of a successor and is currently marketed twice as worse than a direct competitor Cadillac Escalade.
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