Lucid Car Outputs 1,000 HP as Standard


Tesla Motors have achieved a lot in the sphere of electric vehicles. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that many drivers see this company as the future of electric cars. Competitors of Tesla also see them as a strong rival on this market. However, things are likely to change now that Lucid Motors (you could’ve heard of them as Atieva before) have introduced their new electric vehicle. According to the latest rumors, the new model is going to be incredibly powerful.

Lucid Motors Electric Car Specs

The car Lucid Motors are working on is known as Lucid Air. Judging from Lucid car pictures it is an executive sedan with something promising inside. As far as we can trust to the news Lucid electric car is already in progress and we will be able to see the first results soon. It’s going to be a really strong rival on the market because standard version of Lucid Motors electric car will provide at least 1000 HP.

It will also be equipped with a hundred kilowatt-hour battery pack. It’s estimated that Lucid Motors Air vehicle can provide around 300-mile range as the standard version. These parameters match the most powerful battery used by Model S by Tesla. In addition, Lucid Air has a potential to exceed its competitor’s maximum output of power. If the model still lives up to the expectations it will make it from 0 to 60 less than in 3.0 seconds. For example, the most powerful model by Tesla makes it in 2.5 seconds.

By the way, all characteristics described belong to the base model of Lucid electric car. Does it mean that we can expect something more powerful? Perhaps, yes. According to the company, they plan to produce the car using the 130kWh battery pack. In this case, Lucid Motors electric car will offer 400 miles of range which is a significant number.

Lucid Motors Electric Car Design

Lucid Motors have also confirmed that they cooperate with Samsung SDI. As a result, the company is provided with lithium-ion cells which are used for the anticipated model of the car. The car will have a high density of energy owing to its revolutionary cell design. What’s more, tolerance for repeated fast charging will be also improved owing to such approach.

Lucid Motors Electric Release Date

When can we expect the car to arrive? Not that soon to be honest. The production is said to start in 2018 only. The cars of such type will be produced in Arizona where the company is building a factory at the moment. Even though it will be a reportedly sold model the company plans to sell around 10,000 models at the beginning. Their next plan is to expand sales up to 60,000 models per year.
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