Massive recall of Toyota RAV4


More than 420,000 Toyota RAV4, produced in 2012-2014 will be recalled due to corrosion defect caused break and fall off the windshield wipers.

The US division of Toyota announced the launch of service campaign against 423,500 copies of Toyota RAV4 SUV. According to the official notice, the list of recall vehicles including RAV4 with internal combustion engines manufactured from 2009 to 2012, as well as a small amount (about 2500), electric versions of the 2012-2014 edition. All vehicles are affected by the same defect: windscreen wipers with very low corrosion resistance.

toyota rav4 recall

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The company explained that rust can infect the drive lever coupling place with the the wiper itself, resulting in reduced strength of the connection, and in the worst case, windscreen wiper may simply fall off. Fortunately, there are no reports of accidents or injuries yet, but it is clear that to be on the road in the rain or snow without the possibility of clear glass might be very unpleasant.

To resolve this problem, Toyota dealers will replace the whole assembly of defective wipers (except motor and wiring, if they are not damaged) and, if necessary, spray washer fluid nozzle. There is no info about the RAV4 recall outside the United States.

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