Mazda 3 vs Honda Civic Comparison


For years, both Mazda and Honda have being known for not just making good and fuel-efficient subcompact cars, but likewise fun and nimble to drive autos. Their cars happen to have more personality than lots of other driving appliances available at the rate. These two critically well-known cars have a great deal in common, but there’re some key distinctions you should bear in mind for you to decide on the one that’s a lot better.

design comparison of two sedans

Mazda 3 looks fancier

Mazda 3 vs Honda Civic Tech specs

Under the sculptured hood, the Mazda 3 has an edge when comparing standard horsepower, however the available Civic Si’s 205 horsepower 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine has more power when compared to the Mazda 3’s optional 2.5-liter 4-cylinder with 184 horsepower. Whether you opt for the Mazda 6-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual gearbox, these transmissions give you a buoyant driving feel and also return good real-world gas mileage.

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front ends of two compact sedans

Civic looks old-fashioned

The latest Mazda 3 really feels tight, pleasing and precise in all the right tactile and aesthetic means from the driver’s seat. The steering is the only thing that’s not really a clear step ahead in the Mazda, yet it still has more precise feel when driving compared to the Civic. Honda Civic steering is not as well-weighted or precise as the Mazda’s. Honda resigned its aging 5-speed automatic transmission and replace it with a CVT (continuously variable transmission); but the 5-speed manual is still out there.

compact sedan engines comparison

Mazda has innovative SkyActiv engine

And when it comes to the trunk space, the Mazda 3 and Civic cars are essentially even, yet the available Mazda 3 hatchback can hold 20.2 cubic-feet of cargo with the rear-seats being used and also 47.1 cubic-feet with the rear-seats folded down.

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Honda Civic vs Mazda 3 Design

On the road, the test drivers say that Mazda 3 is strong, exceptionally athletic handling and responsive powertrain make it one of the most fun-to-drive autos in the class. The Honda Civic, meanwhile earns reviewer praise for its composure around turns and comfortable ride, although some critics assume the Honda Civic’s base engine might use more power.

compact sedans rear end

Mazda looks sportier

The previous Mazda 3 was not a strong performer for safety, but what an improvement the new edition makes. The Mazda 3 for 2015 is a IIHS Top Security Pick+ choice, with top ratings all around, as well as available forward-collision warnings with a Smart City Brake Support that can anticipate a collision and also activate the emergency braking under 19mph. The 2015 Civic? It is a Top Safety Pick, an outstanding crash performer but an auto without the forward-collision warning system sought by the safety agency.

compact sedans interior comparison

Mazda interior looks more expensive

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It’s only couple of hundreds that separate these two cars in price, but Civic shine in value which is $21,880 and the Mazda 3 goes for $21,440.

rears comparison

Mazda has more ‘Asian’ rear end


Generally, if you go by the numbers and also consider just the value of the cost or desire a simple commuting vehicle, you can possibly settle with either the Mazda 3 or the Civic. The Honda Civic has really become more reasonable car for commuters, and for those who put pragmatic at their top list. But if you happen to like driving, and also want a sharp-performing, sharp-looking car, the Mazda 3 is the ideal and clear choice. So it’s a win for Mazda 3.

comparison of two sedans

What is the best choice

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