Mazda G-Vectoring Technology Review


Mazda has put a lot of effort into developing such a technology which improves driving process dramatically without you knowing that it is working. This idea is a success for the company since the interest of drivers has risen a lot after it was introduced. The technology used is known as Mazda G-Vectoring Control.

The way G-Vectoring works is interesting enough. It only activates when computer used records your driving habits. These are the position of throttle and angle of steering. This data are then sent through a certain algorithm which helps to reduce the torque of the engine and provide wheels with more grip. It is promised that G-Vectoring technologies will be used by 2017 Mazda 6 as well as 2017 Mazda 3.

mazda g-vectoring control

In addition, this technology works really sharply. It is able to detect up to one tenth of one degree of steering angle. After it is detected Mazda G-Vectoring changes forces from 0.1 to 0.5 g eventually. To understand the meaning of these figures, you should know that it is less than a human can feel.

So, proceeding from theory to practice G-Vectoring helps to reduce the angle of steering when you perform a turn-in. Even if you drive with locked cruise control the indicators are still low. According to the latest tests using G-Vectoring this technology works best at turns with minor banking toward the outside.

mazda g-vectoring cars

Another area where new system shows itself is wet sections. As you can understand it comes handy at adhesion limits. Engineers from Mazda claim that effects of G-Vectoring are more obvious when an auto is on snowy surface. Thus, the technology reduces the necessity to use hundreds of tiny inputs to keep an auto stable on slippery surfaces. Not only does this system influence driver’s comfort but passenger’s as well.

mazda g-vectoring how it works
The question is why Mazda invests so much in creating something that you will barely feel? It is the company’s philosophy. Their idea is to create a comfortable driving process for the buyers. According to Mazda they work on making driving process adjustable and intuitive so that you would not have to bother about creating comfort on your own.

On the whole, Mazda G-Vectoring is made in a way so smart that you will hardly ever notice how much it affects your drive. It is enough to push a button to activate this technology but you will definitely need the same identical car without it to feel the advantages of this system. What is more, G-Vectoring is the beginning of a greater plan only which Mazda is going to launch in the near future.

Mazda G-Vectoring control video
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