McLaren Promising F1 Successor


McLaren has officially announced working on a new road focused hypercar. The release date is set on 2018. This is the model which is known as F1 successor now.

According to the information provided by the manufacturer, it is a three seater vehicle with suspension settings which are good for a cross-continental journey. It is promised that 3.8-liter engine of V8 type will be modified to produce around 700 horsepower without an even use of a hybrid system. Thus, with its more than 200 MPH this auto is going to be closer to hyper GT model. The styling of its front end is very close to current MP4-12C. The air intake placed at the front part is similar to McLaren F1 LM GTR.

mclaren f1 gtr

Even though officially claimed to be released, the vehicle is not officially claimed to be the F1 successor. Nevertheless, producing F1 type seems to be a logical move for McLaren. Here is why. When the company got involved in production of 375 P1s and P1 GTRs they planned to build 35 models only. However, due to high demand they produced, even more, autos of this type. Later on, McLaren focused on 675LT and its modifications. After that, the company had a vague idea of creating an electric hypercar which could beat P1 GTR and be environmentally friendly at the same time. Judging from this we can assume that McLaren finally has enough time and opportunities to start working on a new Ultimate Series of cars which can be considered as F1 successor. So it sounds quite reasonable that all carbon concept designed as hyper GT with ergonomic three-seater cabin will fit F1 description. Not to mention that it has plenty of luggage space along with active suspension and light but powerful drivetrain. In comparison to Super Series, this model has better power to weight ratio which is important for F1 autos.

mclaren f1 successor

It is likely that this vehicle will resemble 570GT concept with a lower price. Moreover, McLaren is always competitive, so it is almost inevitable that the new F1 successor will be drastically different from Aston Martin and Red Bull concept.

In addition, McLaren claims to show up at Paris motor show with the new model. It said that the presence is supposed to showcase future plans as well as unveil next exciting chapter of the brand. There is also a picture from McLaren’s press release where you can see the model treated as potential F1 successor.

mclaren f1 successor concept

So can we expect that this mysterious model will be a new F1 successor? Perhaps. At least, there are a lot of proofs to this idea. Nevertheless, only time will show.
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