Mercedes-Benz S600 Royale Mystery Discovered


If you think that you’ve seen everything in the world of cars, you’re on the wrong planet. How about a Mercedes Royale which is equipped with a grille from a standard S 600, SLS AMG headlights and vents from SLR? This is nothing less than one of the strangest cars of 2015. There’re still a lot of questions around this auto so let’s try to sort it all out.

It all began on December 15th with a picture of this car which was found somewhere on the Internet. It showed a mysterious sedan with parts from different Mercedes models. A Holland website was the first to publish the picture and a short video showing this car. There were a lot of rumors saying that it was a Chinese experiment while other thought that the model belongs to an Arabian businessman.

Media have still discovered that the model was made by Galpin Auto Sports company which is known for Pimp My Ride TV show. They were the owners of the photo published. They posted it on their Facebook page but it was deleted later without any obvious reasons. Holland journalists still managed to download it and publish it on their website.

Galpin Auto Sports have confirmed later that their model was available for buyers. They still don’t disclose any details why the model is named as Mercedes Royale 600. It looks like the car is based mainly on Mercedes S-Class W222 while its exterior inherits a lot from the legendary Mercedes-Benz W100. The radiator grille of this sedan has a more classical appearance. Its headlights do belong to Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Galpin company also doesn’t reveal anything concerning specs and interior of their experiment.

All in all, we assume that some well-off purchaser hired GAS company to make him an awesome looking Mercedes. Nevertheless, such a Mercedes are much closer to Bentley models in terms of its body design. SLS AMG headlights don’t look good enough here, it feels like they’re out of place.

This isn’t the first odd experiment for Galpin Auto Sports team by the way. It was them who created Ford Mustang Rocket with 725 horsepower which looked like a spaceship. Ford GTR1 sportscar which was well received belongs to them as well not to mention Kia Soul concepts and horror movie looking Hyundai models.
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