Must Have Modifications For Dodge Ram


Buying Dodge Ram is one of the best experiences in life owing to its driving fun and impressive productivity. Even the base model has quite a lot of features to entertain and support a driver. However, who said that Dodge Ram can’t go beyond limits? Most interesting modifications are here. This list is compatible with any upcoming models, including future 2018 Ram.

Air Intake System

Having bought a brand new Dodge Ram you can make its engine roar pleasantly. To do this you can add the thing which is called as a performance air intake. It will really make your engine sound like never before.

To do it you’ll need to pump some more air right into your engine. Just replace the stock intake and enjoy new level of productivity and efficiency as well.

Performance Chip

Dodge Rams are made less powerful than they can really be. During the production stage they’re made to be up to certain standards. This is why their productivity is intentionally lowered.

You can still make the most of your vehicle. What you need is called a performance chips (or in some case a power programmer). With that thing you can “cheat” the base capabilities.

Aftermarket Brakes

Vehicles purposed for heavy duty hauling cannot but have highly responsive and precise brakes. Even if your Dodge Ram is loaded severely, you do need to have it under your total control.

This is what you can get from high performance brakes which are supposed to work under extreme conditions. With that they won’t lose their integrity which is important.

Custom Exhaust

Despite the modern trend to produce silent vehicles which are quite on the road, many drivers still want to go loud and noisy. This is the case with Dodge Ram and you can change this situation. Just add custom exhaust which won’t cost you a lot of money by the way.

The practical aspect of this modification is that a custom exhaust increases the level of torque.

Suspension System

Even though Dodge Ram is a beast-looking vehicle, you can make it even more distinctive. If you obtain this type of modification, you’ll be able to get higher above the ground.

This modification will make your Ram much better for both on- and off-road tasks. You’ll feel a significant difference. In addition you’ll see that your will become much tighter.

Step Bars

The type of the cabin which trucks are equipped with can give a nice feeling. Such a car makes you confident when you’re on the road. However, getting inside and out of such cabin can be quite tiring.

Step bars can help because they will let reach the ground much faster and easier. It will also be a good thing for your passengers who may not share the same love to trucks’ height.

Grille Guard

It’s smart enough to think about protection of your car. You can guard its front grille with the modification called Grille or Bull Guard. It can even prevent your lights from being damaged. There’re different types of this modifications which depend on your needs.

All of these modifications will really make your Ram brutal and awesome but there’re side effects. Using them you’ll lose the guarantee that your vehicle will work as it was supposed to because you modify factory setting. You never know how long certain components will work after you modify your car and this a serious drawback.
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