The Relaunch Of a Legendary Ford GT


Detroit Motor Show, which took place in the USA in the beginning of the year, was not the most generous in terms of the world premieres, but there are interesting items had met. For instance, the new 2016 Ford GT, which should become a successor to its legendary ancestor.

In general, the production of this car is confined to a special date – the 50th anniversary of Ford GT 40 victory in 24 Hours of Le Mans race. 50 years later the successor of the legend promises to be no less charismatic than 1966 race car. It is changed in almost every aspect from design to internal filling, but only one remained unchanged – the glorified name.

2016 ford gt release date

Premiere and Pricing

Before the premiere of the car we have to wait at least half a year, but we can already state the fact that the exterior of the car will not change much before the start of sales. It is worth recalling that previous generation Ford GT sold well enough for its class: 4038 copies in three years.

In this case, due to a variety of factors, the company plans to produce only 1,200 copies of new Ford GT 2016 and the car will probably be commercially successful in the market. The price of the car will be announced closer to the release which will be somewhere in 2016.

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Looks Like a Spaceship

The design of the 2016 Ford GT is made in accordance with the forms of the previous GT model combined with modern technological approaches. Thus, there appeared a fully LED lights, body parts made of composite materials, 20 inch alloy wheels. In front, just like in the very first supercar made by Ford, there are two huge air intakes. They are intended rather for aerodynamics and cooling than anything else.

Front bumper has a splitter and metal frame that creates a hole in the bumper air intake. In its edges there are additional air ducts for wheels cooling. Headlights are made entirely on the basis of OLED-elements mounted on a frame made of carbon fiber.

new 2016 ford gt

In the rear car looks more aggressive. There are traditional round shaped GT taillights, but now they are rounded by OLED-elements arranged along the edges. Special aerodynamic elements of the 2016 Ford GT are very similar to a Formula 1 cars. The wings appear here as a separate element, with almost no connection to the body and working as a kind of spoiler. Rear bumper boasts a sporty diffuser made of carbon fiber.

The rear spoiler here, by the way, can change the angle depending on the driving mode this feature was unavailable in previous generations Ford GT. In side view, the car has little resemblance to their predecessors. But overall styling is rather European than American.

new ford gt 2016

Futuristic But Simple Interior

2016 Ford GT interior design is original but without any extraordinary elements. There are racing seats, racing steering wheel with the whole bunch of buttons, the digital display instead of the instrument panel and high quality SYNC 3 entertainment system installed. The gearbox control unit is notable – there are no levers, everything was replaced by buttons. Driving modes, as well as the handbrake activated by pressing buttons. No less interesting is the fact that the turning lights are also activated from the steering wheel buttons, just like in recent Ferrari cars.

2016 ford gt interior

Central console styling is also unusual. It is designed as a two-level platform, the upper part of is black with gray bottom, the down part is made of carbon fiber and includes a climate control and audio system in the center and the the headlights control unit in left hand of the driver. Materials used for trimming are predictable: Alcantara, carbon fiber, aluminum and a small amount of polycarbonate and glass on top of the screens.

Only Six

Instead of the powerful 5.4-liter V8 Ford have decided to install six-cylinder EcoBoost Twin Turbo engine (Ford Taurus SHO has similar engine). This engine will develop 700 horsepower and fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced to a minimum. It is even more spectacular engine than upcoming Cadillac CTS-V has. The engine is located in the middle of the car body, which should provide near-perfect weight distribution, but 2016 Ford GT specifications on weight and dimensions are unknown.

2016 ford gt specifications

New 2016 Ford GT equipped with 7-speed robotic dual clutch transmission. Precise handling characteristics are not yet known, but it is necessary to assume that the results of the previous GT will be exceeded, because the car has received a more powerful engine and an improved transmission. In addition to this there are Michelin Super Sport Cup 2 tires installed, which has an original tread pattern and designed especially for new Ford GT 2016. It is likely that the brakes made by Brembo, with six-pistons in front and four in rear with carbon-ceramic brake discs.

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