New Generation Of Honda Ridgeline Is Coming Soon?


Full-size pickup Honda Ridgeline is focused exclusively on the American consumer. The car is assembled in Canada on the territory of the Honda plant. The start of the serial production of the model was preceded by the release of another brainchild of the company – Honda SUT, dated 2004.

In late 2013, representatives of the company made a statement regarding the future fate of the model. It noted that the middle of 2014 will be the finish of the production of a pickup truck in its modern interpretation. It will be replaced by a new, improved generation of the model. Appropriate metamorphosis should occur in 2015-2016.

Honda Tech

The technical characteristics of Honda Ridgeline determine high speed qualities and impressive off-road potential of the model. The aggressive design of the model quite objectively reflects its ambitions. The body of the car has design features, consisting in the fact that the spar frame, made of box-shaped elements, is welded to the bottom. Thanks to this, the maximum safety performance is achieved. Independent suspension, installed on all wheels, determine the high maneuverability and docility of the pickup on the road.

It is easy to conclude that the big plus Honda Ridgeline – the characteristics of the model. The power capabilities of the pickup are determined by a powerful 3.5 liter unit. The 245-horsepower engine is complemented by a five-speed gearbox. Automatic variation of the transmission allows you to achieve not only the maximum speed indicators, but also the marginal savings in the issue of fuel consumption.

Pickup Interior

Ridgeline 4-door 5-seater cabin, finished and equipped not weaker than other sedan premium class. Interior decoration organically harmonizes with the external appearance: nothing extravagant, simple and functional. Without decorative excesses – in the off-road style. The driver’s seat is adjustable lengthwise and in height, multifunctional steering wheel is adjusted only by the angle of inclination.

Keys and switches on the front panel are unusually large format – apparently, in the hope of manipulating them in working gloves. Thoughtful solution. Doubts arise except about the central console: the half-hearted configuration leaves the impression of such incompleteness.

In the second row, Ridgeline has really comfortable seats for three adults. The family in the assembly will be located on the full seats – no need to attach to the folding seats.

In the cabin, in addition to the standard “glove compartment” (on the right on the front panel), there are practical pockets and compartments for small items, as well as “cup holders”. By the way, the pillows of seats of the second row (separately) recline upwards, and under them an additional space is opened for placing those items that can not be carried from the hand to the open one.
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