New 2016 Honda Ridgeline specs, redesign, interior


Honda Motor Company Limited is one of the top automobile manufacturers in the world. It is multinational company based in Japan. Like any other sector , competition is getting very tough in the automobile industry. Every year automobile companies come up with new cars or new models for old cars. Honda is known for its sleek cars like Accord , City and Civic but it is also trying to capture market share of pickup trucks. Honda first introduced its ridgeline in 2005. Honda is trying to have another swing at the small pickup truck market with Honda Ridgeline 2016. Honda ridgeline 2016 model comes with a dominant look and an amazing interior. It is believed that the small truck market is going to be very profitable in the near future, this is why companies like Honda , Chevrolet and Ford are all trying to capture its market share.

Ridgeline 2016

2016 Honda Ridgeline Release Date

Honda has not yet revealed the exact release date for its newest heavy weight but 2016 Honda ridgeline rumors suggest that the pickup truck would be released in the first three months of next year. So all the pickup truck lovers can have their hands on the wheels of new 2016 Honda ridgeline in the first quarter of 2016.

Release date: the first quarter of 2016

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2016 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

It is the first truck from Honda’s second generation ridgeline. The truck is making a comeback after two years. We see a few changes in the vehicle as compared to it last model. It’s a four door truck with a few changes in the front. Its front is a bit more spherical as compared to the 2013 model. The truck would also have LED technology in its front and rear lights. This truck would also bring a new style of front and rear bumpers .The setup of interior is comparatively smaller than the last model. Other than that most of the features are same as before. It’s a small truck with a lot of space , it can accommodate five passengers at a time.

Honda 2016 Ridgeline

2016 Honda Ridgeline Specs

Honda has started to build its own turbo charged engine in the United States. As other small trucks 2016 Honda Ridgeline can run on both diesel and petrol. Honda Ridgeline would have a 2 liter petrol engine with 240 horse power and l an addition2 liter diesel engine. It would have a combination of these two turbo charged engines. As it is a massive vehicle so diesel would be a better option to run the truck on., so it would be more of a diesel truck. Honda ridgeline diesel truck would not only be massive but will also have a good speed. It would an LCD built-in the dashboard and a GPS system so that you never get lost. The side and window mirrors would be electrically powered.

New Honda Ridgeline 2016

2016 Honda Ridgeline Pictures

Honda Ridgeline 2016 Price

It is an amazing truck. According to new 2016 Honda Ridgeline news it is believed that the truck would be available at a price of $30000 in North America. The prices might be a little different in different countries.

2016 Honda Ridgeline Interior

Inner beauty is always more important than outer beauty. Same is the case with 2016 Honda Ridgeline. Even though it’s a beautiful car on the outside but its interior is even more astonishing. It has an LCD screen display on the front dashboard which can support GPS and Navigation system. The seats are made with high quality and comfortable leather. The interior is very spacious but smaller as compared to the last model of Honda ridgeline. Like every other vehicle , it has a glove compartment on the dashboard. It has an MP3 player , a CD player and FM radio which shows that the truck is well equipped to fulfill your music needs.

2016 Honda Ridgeline concept interior
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